JUSTIFIED Recap: “Burned”

     March 17, 2015


“Burned” was an appropriate title for this week’s Justified. Ava’s burned and she’s still playing both sides, feeding Raylan information and giving Boyd half-truths about what it is she’s spilling. Wynn, who it turns out is the one who snitched on Grady Hale, has now flipped on Katherine and Boyd. Wynn is all about self-preservation (and keeping a killer base tan), so turning him was a breeze. Oh, and Zachariah’s burned now too after trying to have Boyd blown up. There aren’t many characters that are in a good position at this point.


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And while everyone is conspiring against Boyd, he at least has some sense that Raylan is pulling the strings and feeding Ava and Wynn information. But he’s a very desperate man at this point, and one wrong move will send Raylan pouncing on him. Watching him run out of the bar at the end, ready to jump on the money wherever it goes, it’s clear he’s not being his old methodical self. Raylan is sitting on the money, too — he has to know that. His screams of terror down in the mine sparked some genuine sympathy in my heart for him. It’s hard not to root for him to get the money and hightail it outta Harlan.

Things have been so volatile between him and Ava this season I’m beyond seeing a happy ending for either of them. During the last scene, I honestly thought he was going to turn violent on her.

Then there was Boon. It would be uncharacteristically superfluous for the show to introduce a new player this deep in the game without him having some kind of significant impact. That’s why this Boon fella worries me. Played by Jonathan Tucker (who just finished a run on Parenthood), Boon is Markham’s new muscle, so to speak. Wisely, he selected a southern weasel this time that understands how things work in the hollers, rather than a mercenary (since, you know, that didn’t really work out last time).


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Speaking of, I can’t believe Seabass fell for such an obvious trick. Perhaps since he betrayed Walker (who he still fondly referred to as his C.O.) his judgment was cloudy, but it was still a disappointment to see him go out in such an obvious manner.

Back to Boon, who’s mighty eager to showcase his quick draw skill. He may not be from Harlan, but he sure knows how to deliver veiled threats just like Boyd and Raylan. Pretty much everything that came out of his mouth was a taunt, and I loved every line. I have a strong feeling he didn’t get introduced just to get killed later on. This shit-talking kid with the heavy pistol on his hip may be the catalyst for something very, very bad.

Episode Rating: ★★★ Good


• Could someone please make a cross stitch pattern that says “Home Is Where the Wynnebago Takes Me.”

• One of Markham’s greatest strengths is his air of confidence and power. That’s why it was so crazy to see that visage crack after Loretta and Boyd’s speech. As he told Boon to look into Loretta’s kin, he looked genuinely pissed off.

• Boon’s conversation with Raylan was a seesaw of threats. He’s the young gunslinger and Raylan’s getting up there in age. If it comes to a duel between the two (which is very possible), things will be mighty interesting.

• No sign of Jeff Fahey on the IMDB pages for the rest of the season. Sometimes they get updates afterwards, but if we don’t see you again, you made a good effort to blow Boyd’s ass up.


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