JUSTIFIED Recap: “The Bird Has Flown”

     January 29, 2013

justified timothy olyphant

Last week’s episode was light on the action.  This week, “This Bird Has Flown” came out swinging.  While it didn’t further the arc about the elusive Drew Thompson, it did show Raylan slightly losing his cool and force Boyd to make a business decision that will most likely be biting him in the ass by season’s end.  The fist fights and bean bag rounds made for a thrilling episode, but overall it was a pretty somber night.  More on this week’s Justified after the jump.

“This Bird Has Flown” kicks off right where the previous episode ended.  As Raylan tries to convince himself that Lindsey is coming back, Rachel is the voice of reason.  I wasn’t sure how much Raylan actually cared about Lindsey, but in this scene and near the end (when he’s on the phone with Rachel),  he seems more upset about losing Lindsey than the $20,000.  She was a good lay, sure, but on top of that it looks like Raylan has some genuine feelings for her.

justified timothy olyphant this bird has flownMore than likely though, the dude just doesn’t want to be alone.  His pregnant ex-wife/girlfriend left him because of his violent lifestyle and his dad tried to kill him.  That’s some heavy shit.  He’s apparently too prideful to talk to anyone about it so he’s substituting therapy with booze, sex, and staying busy.  I’ve been there, bro.  He’s lost the sex and side gigs for now, so it’s damn convenient he lives above a bar.

I’d commend him on his marshal tracking skills if Lindsey hadn’t called him.  Oh and Randall left behind a bloodied convenience store clerk.  It doesn’t take much for Randall’s petty jealousy to erupt into violence, huh?  He’s the type of guy they make Lifetime movies about.  While he may be awesome at beating up old men, he had to work to get the best of Raylan.  If Lindsey hadn’t stepped in with the shotgun, there’s a good chance Raylan would be disfigured or in a coma for the rest of the series.  That would make for a boring show, so thank you, Lindsey.

That was a nice moment following the fight between Raylan and Randall – both men beaten and defeated by Lindsey’s siren song.  Neither man had the perfect relationship with her.  Raylan wanted a companion.  Randell, he was just too jealous to let her go.  Whatever her feelings were for both men, she chose to look out for number one in the end.  Damn, this might be the most relatable episode of Justified ever.

justified this bird has flown jenn lyonWhat I can’t relate to is having somebody killed.  People have speculated this season (and I think it’s pretty obvious by now) that Boyd has something up his sleeve that he’s not letting Ava or Johnny in on.  He’s hiding money from them and whatever his end game is, no loose ends can be left hanging.  That includes Ellen May, who’s shrugged off her recent born-again status.  Although she swears she didn’t squeal about Delray, Boyd used Sheriff Shelby to find out the truth.  Cassie knows something, meaning Ellen May’s a leaky faucet they can’t afford.

Boyd suggests to Ava that they send her to his cousin Monte in Alabama, who runs a “not tell motel” and congregation.  This is deception, of course, since Boyd plans on having Colt kill her all along.  Ava just wants her out of the picture.  But whatever he’s planning, Boyd can’t afford risk in any form.  The next logical step for Boyd’s house cleaning is to get rid of Cassie, whose now driven by the lord alongside anger over her brother’s death.

There might be a problem if he sends Colt out to take care of Cassie.  The guy doesn’t flinch when executing or beating the tar out of a man, but he was physically shook after getting the hit order.  Even a military-made killing machine has got to have morals (and a sense of humor).  Ron Eldard was phenomenally understated in these scenes and I’m glad they gave such a fun character some more depth.

justified this bird has flown erica tazelMan, what a melancholy episode.  It’s always fun to watch Raylan get his man, but in this episode he was like a desperate denim bull charging through Lexington.  And all he got for his trouble was some chickens.  If he’s looking for redemption, there’s always cockfighting.  It worked for Warren Oates.


  • MOST BADASS MOMENT: At first I was going to give this to Raylan for bucking Randall in the leg with a bean bag round.  Then Lindsey hilariously shot both of them (several times) so I have to give it to her.  Sure, Raylan got the last shot in, which was hilarious, but it was a cheap shot.
  • BEST ONE-LINER: “The next time you give a blowjob it’s because you want to.” – Ava, during her farewell pep-talk to Ellen May.  How inspiring and sincere!
  • Raylan continues to show off his diverse movie knowledge.  This week he referenced Longfellow Deeds, Gary Cooper’s character from the 1936 comedy Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.
  • The rowdy Truth family left Raylan exasperated as far as questioning goes, so it’s no surprise he skipped right to the rough stuff with Joe Hoppus.
  • The only mention of Drew Thompson was on Sheriff Shelby’s computer screen.  He was trying to check out the autopsy report.  Probably doing a favor for Boyd AGAIN.
  • Not sure how serious Colt’s cocaine habit is, but Boyd ain’t gonna like it.