JUSTIFIED Episode Recap: “Money Trap”

     February 19, 2013

justified timothy olyphant

Unless a character on Justified is killed there’s a good chance they’ll be popping up again.  Characters we don’t see for nearly entire seasons can resurface and no one feels like a secondary character.  “Money Trap” saw the return of the old sheriff, the fugitive from episode 1, and some local officials who put Boyd in his place.  Even Raylan’s quick draw also made an appearance!  It was one of the more exciting episodes of the season so far, but it also went to some dark places.  More on “Money Trap” after the jump.

justified-money-trap-timothy-olyphant-raymond-j-barryRemember in the first episode when the fugitive Jody Adair was talking about how he killed a couple of heroin dealers?  I totally believe him now.  The man is ruthless.  After choking out a guy twice his size he shoots bailbondsman Sharon Edmunds in the neck.  Not only is he a stone cold killer, but Michael Gladis from Mad Men is his getaway driver.  Gladis plays Kenneth, an aspiring filmmaker and cokehead who aids and abets Jody.

They made an unlikely criminal team and even though Jody doesn’t survive the episode, I hope we get more of Michael Gladis.  I like the idea of a coke-snorting, panty-stealing indie filmmaker in the mix.  That video he made of Jody was a riot and shows immense promise.  I sensed a faint influence of Robert Aldrich with the reverse credits. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

Before his showdown with Jody at the High Point bar, Raylan spends some quality time with the impressively-named Jackie Nevada.  They have a nice discussion about the broken homes they come from.  Raylan opens up real quick to attractive women, huh?  After everything with Lindsey and her husband, it’s clear he’s done with the ladies for now.  He could’ve slept with Jackie (she even admitted to crushing on him) but he chose not to.  Way to keep your head in the game, lady killer.

justified-money-trap-timothy-olyphant-chris-chalkThe party at ex-sheriff Tillman Napier’s house was interesting.  The search for Drew fell flat, but Ava almost got raped by some clown and Boyd got put in his place by shady officials.  What a dark and revealing scene that was.  They tell Boyd that the “Crowders do what we say.”  Justified is filled with drug dealers, whores, killers, and thieves, but the most nefarious bunch of all might be the politicians because they allow it all to happen.  That blank look on Boyd’s face had defeat written all over it.

While Boyd and Ava rubbed shoulders with the swingers of Harlan, Colt and Johnny got awkward.  Earlier on, Terry admitted to Johnny that it was Colt who smacked her around, not the john they kicked the shit out of.  She also mentions that Colt was “tweaking” and looking for Ellen May.  Johnny knows he’s got some serious power now and pushing Colt’s buttons like that wouldn’t be too bright unless he knew that.  When we first met Colt he kicked Johnny’s cane out from under him.  Johnny now has the chance to return the favor metaphorically, of course.

With some pushing from Art, Raylan goes to talk to Arlo in prison. He tells him if Boyd finds Drew first, there’s no deal.  He still won’t budge and Raylan says he looks forward to him dying in cell.  It was a great scene and it was nice to see Raylan unshaken by Arlo’s attempts to get under his skin.  Smug to the end, that Arlo.


Looks like Raylan’s going to have to drop in on Hunter Mosley, who we haven’t seen since Raylan visited him in jail back in season 1.  He tried to have Raylan killed back then, but Raylan’s used to cutting deals with people who’ve tried that before. Halfway through the season and the search for Drew gets more and more fun. See ya next week.


  • BEST KILL: Raylan taking out Jody.  When he killed him, he did a couple of chest shots then one in the head for good measure.  This man is a genuine professional badass.
  • BEST ONE-LINER: Raylan calling Jody “armed, dangerous, and an asshole.”
  • Bailbondsman Sharon Edmunds summed up Raylan pretty damn perfectly: “an emotional disaster.”
  • Ever since Seinfeld I love spotting fake movie posters.  I thought the ones in Kenneth’s apartment were fake, but they’re for real DTV movies.  Wedding Slashers, Reeker, Shadow People, 90 Minutes, and Head Trip are all actual movies.  I tried to find a connection between them but came up with nothing. Any ideas?
  • Why is it so hard to get patrons to exit the High Point bar?  Last season Raylan had to fire his gun in the air and in this one, they didn’t even leave when he pulled the fire alarm.