JUSTIFIED Recap: “Good Intentions”

     January 21, 2014

justified timothy olyphant

We’re now three episodes into season 3 of Justified and Boyd’s story is far more interesting than Raylan’s.  Timothy Olyphant is still as mesmerizing as ever, but there’s really nothing too engrossing going on in the life of our favorite law-bending lawman at the moment.  Although, a good alternate title for this episode could be “Raylan Getting Blue Balls.”  It’s over on the Crowder side of town where things are wickedly engaging, as Boyd and Duffy get to the bottom of who hit their Canadian shipment and Mara continues swimming with the sharks.  More of my thoughts on this episode of Justified after the break.

justified-season-5-episode-3-good-intentionsAs Dewey Crowe, actor Damon Herriman has provided some of the series’ funniest moments. From back in the pilot “Fire In the Hole” when he pulled a freakin’ scatter gun on Raylan to pissing in a sink after thinking his kidneys are gone in “Thick as Mud,” Dewey’s existence has been treated essentially as a running gag.  In this episode, however, Herriman finally got to show some impressive dramatic range.  There was nothing funny in his demeanor after seeing what cousins Daryl and Kendall and the Haitian Jean Baptiste did to Wayne.  I genuinely felt sorry for the neo-nazi piece of shit.  Right when he thought he was making a little something for himself with the brothel, he learns that Wayne and Boyd have been taking advantage of him. Poor bastard.

It’s yet to be shown why Daryl Crowe is supposed to be so goddamn terrifying.  Dewey nearly shit his pants last week at the sight of him.  We’ve seen him be ruthless twice now (even to his own kin), and he’s more cunning than the average Crowe, but so far I’d rather have him as a rival than Quarles, Limehouse, Mags, or Boyd any day.  He’s Bud Light in the Justified rogues gallery thus far.  I hope this changes soon as he’s allegedly this season’s principal villain.  Also, Michael Rapaport is a phenomenal actor, so giving him something juicey to work with is always a good thing.

Dewey and his family seem like the least of Boyd’s worries at the moment (a notion that may capsize on him soon).  While soaking in his bedpan, Lee Paxton orders his toadie Mooney to snuff out Boyd.  Mara and Boyd set the slimy cop up though, and while I think they should’ve killed him, instead they bribe him so that he’ll tell Paxton Boyd is dead.  This seems like a real flimsy plan (particularly for two devious people like Boyd and Mara), but we’ll have to see what their endgame is.  For now, at least it gets Mooney and Paxton of their back.

justified-season-5-episode-3The big revelation this episode was that Johnny Crowder was behind the hit on Boyd’s shipment.  Last season, Johnny spiraled into a frenzy of shifting allegiances until he couldn’t do anything but try to survive.  He managed to escape Boyd and Nicky’s clutches, but who knows what he’s gotten into since?  He has to have some kind of muscle behind him to pull off that hit – maybe he’s teamed up with Hot Rod?  Remember when he told Ava he loved her (ouch)?  Him and Boyd have always had a rocky relationship and with the hit, Johnny’s drawn a big old bloody line in the sand.  Just what the south needs – another civil war.

Raylan’s drama with Monroe took some turns this week.  Is it just me, or does Raylan seem rather bored by all of this?  The only moment where he showed a little bit of passion in his second confrontation with Henry.  He knows what it’s like to manipulate the law for “good intentions,” so he can understand why Alison planted evidence at Henry’s house.  But as far as the whole Monroe hidden gold scenario goes, he appeared rather blasé about everything.  It’s not even Olyphant’s dry delivery, it’s that Raylan has an air of disinterest about the whole thing.  I too am bored with this plot and I was hoping Mike actually killed Monroe.  It seems like the writers are just killing time with Raylan until the Daryl-Boyd-Johnny powder keg can explode.

“Good Intentions” was an okay episode.  I just hope Raylan’s story progresses into something more engaging sooner than later.


• justified-season-5-posterI could watch Duffy shoot Cyrus with a pellet gun forever.  Especially when he was calling shots:  “Ear!”  Pfft!

• Forget what I said last week about there being no sexual tension between Boyd and Mara.  Man, you could’ve cut the air with a butter knife during that tattoo/cold hands scene.  Although they make a good criminal team, I still think she’s playing Boyd.  She’s got femme fatale written all over her.

• Speaking of, didn’t Walton Goggins have issues with a woman named Mara on The Shield?

• To pass the time, Boyd’s lawyer has switched from listening to classic rock to opera.  That scene was uncomfortably tense, especially when Boyd drops “I didn’t kill Delroy”  pretty much blaming her for his whole shitty situation.  I don’t like seeing Boyd and Ava fight.  They’re my favorite TV power couple!

• Anyone else think that Raylan was excessively brutal towards Henry?

• It was cool that Duffy’s right hand man Mike (played by the understated Jonathan Kowalsky) finally got to perform more of a purpose than opening the trailer door and answering the phone.  Was Duffy being sarcastic when he called him a “stone cold killer?”

• Best One-Liner: “Pussy is a powerful thang.”  Amen, Boyd.

• Body Count: ZERO!