JUSTIFIED Recap: “Over the Mountain”

     January 28, 2014

justified timothy olyphant

Now that’s what I’m talking about.  “Over the Mountain” laced together all of the elements introduced in the previous three episodes, which means Raylan finally had some real work to do.  Did he find the time to have a romp in the sack with his new blonde?  Of course he did, but he also made himself useful as an actual lawman.  Justified is at its finest when juggling multiple storylines, then having them collide headfirst.  “Over the Mountain” delivered on that and more.  Hit the jump for my thoughts on the episode.

justified-over-the-mountain-3The downward spiral of Dewey Crowe took another violent turn this week, but not before drawing some laughs over the absurdity of Wade’s Webelo shovel.  Daryl now has Dewey right where he wants him: locked in a trailer in the back of Audrey’s.  He manipulated him into killing Wade (not a terribly difficult task considering Dewey’s I.Q.).  The whole “life” Daryl is trying to sell him is complete bullshit.  He just wants to move in on Dewey’s operation and take it to the bank.  I don’t think anyone ever would’ve thought Dewey could be a sympathetic character, but Damon Herriman has impressed the hell outta me so far this season.  The whole prayer scene, damn.

Daryl’s obviously got a decent business sense, but I still don’t think he’s a solid villain for a show like Justified – a show with a killer rogues gallery.  Michael Rapaport is doing a great job, I just want to see more villainy outta Daryl.  I was impressed by how he stood his ground when Raylan came to whisk Kendal Crowe away to CPS custody though.  Hopefully actor Jacob Lofland gets to stick around a little while longer.  You guys seen Mud?  Damn, Lofland killed it in that.

Besides trading verbal blows with Daryl Crowe, Raylan also got to spar with Boyd for the first time this season.  I genuinely got excited when Raylan walked into the bar.  Every time Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins get to share a scene its heroin for my eyes and ears and this one was no different.  Raylan’s disdain for Boyd was apparent, but you can sense the respect they have for one another though.  I think so, at least.

justified-over-the-mountain-1Raylan was the least of Boyd’s troubles this week.  Him and Mara have brushed the Mooney problem aside for the time being, but despite their little corpse’s hand trick, that persistent old curmudgeon Paxton still wants to pursue the case against Ava.  Man, how downright frigid was Boyd to Ava?  He had his back to her the whole parlay, and then said nothing to her before leaving.  He’s been cool before about the Delroy incident, but in this episode he just seems fed up with her.  At least Ava has the Amazonian guard watching her back.  That shrimpy screw getting his ass beat was satisfying as hell, huh?

Boyd didn’t really get far during his prison pow-wow with Johnny, but it allowed him to catch the scent that led to Hot Rod.  How big of a threat is the Johnny/Memphis tag team?  Boyd doesn’t seem too eager to find out, so it sounds like he’s going to “cut that tree down” real soon, rather than after they can cause more damage.  I’m not entirely sure how, but his plan for revenge involves a big collection of corpses.

Back in Detroit, Art meets with Will Sasso, who squawks about “psycho shithead” Sammy Tonin’s lawman in KY.  Art’s interested, but he’s gotta sniff out Duffy and Picker for the whole story.  When Art finds out the truth about the Nicky Augustine hit, he’s going to be backed up into one helluva corner.

justified-over-the-mountain-2LAST CALL

• I would love to know why Wade was “run off” from the Webelos.

• Danny Crowe may be scum, but it’s kind of endearing how much he loves dogs.  Even if he doesn’t know that testicles mean it’s a boy.

• I think there’s been a total of three bare female asses so far this season, and now one for the ladies: Danny Crowe’s.

• The word Tim had spelled out on his Scrabble pew: LARD

• Best One Liner: “In 25 words or less, you tell my why I should give a shit.”  Johnny appeared way more confident in front of Boyd than he’s ever been – saying how Boyd always uses “Every word in the Webster’s without ever saying anything.”  It was cool to see him lay it into Boyd.

• Body Count: 1.  RIP Wade.  Webelos for life.