JUSTIFIED Recap: “Shot All to Hell”

     February 4, 2014

justified timothy olyphant slice

“Shot All to Hell” is an appropriate title for this episode, huh?  This one was absolutely ruthless from start to finish, with a lot of plays stuffed into 45 minutes.  In particular, many violent plays that disposed of some folks who were proving to be major players so far this season.  For those that were left alive, the proverbial shit has hit the fan.  Especially on the Crowder side of town.  And while things started to look up for Raylan, he finished the episode by making one bold, unexpected move that puts him on the chopping block.  This was one damn impressive outing in Harlan.  More of my thoughts on Justified’s “Shot All to Hell” after the jump.

justified-season-5-posterSo that’s what Boyd had all those corpses up his sleeve for.  Not only did he put a final nail in Lee Paxton’s coffin, but he also blemished the Paxton bloodline in one fell swoop.  By icing the old man and ruining the family name, Boyd displayed the length he was willing to go to free his beloved Ava.  Last week I mentioned how cold he was being towards Ava during their prison pow-wow with Johnny.  Now it seems that Boyd had to put himself in that mean, “DGAF” state of mind to pull himself outta Paxton and Mooney’s hole.

That he certainly accomplished.  When he pulled that trigger on Paxton, then had his mining buddy buck down Mooney, I mean, damn.  This was some Old Testament Boyd right there.  Too bad he didn’t count on that midget screw framing Ava with a shiv, which led to her being sent up to the state pen.  The cry and look of anguish on Walton Goggin‘s face when he found out was devastating.  It’s like the universe doesn’t want to see them together.  I suppose in the world of KY crime and punishment, you can’t just go around murdering several people and expect to live happily ever after.  All I know for certain is that conniving little prison guard is in for a world of pain if Boyd ever catches wind.

And to think, Boyd hasn’t even heard the bad news yet that Johnny got the jump on Hot Rod.  With him outta the picture, the drug game is entirely in the hands of the next generation of Harlan riffraff.  Bo and Arlo are dead, and Hot Rod has one foot in the grave if Johnny doesn’t keep him around.  It seems the changing of the guard is complete in a way, which makes the scene between Hot Rod and Boyd a little bittersweet.  But bravo to Johnny for taking the initiative.  His hatred of Boyd seems to be driving his new operations and whenever they get to have their confrontation, it’s going to be explosive.

Justified walton gogginsSpeaking of explosive, Alan Tudyk‘s character Elias Marcos sure didn’t hang around for long.  The short time he was on screen, he was menacingly hypnotic.  That scene in the diner, has to be one of the best moments of Justified ever.  Watching Art and Marcos toss threats back and forth, while Duffy casually cracks wise, was heaven.  It was great to see Art showing his stuff in front of four baddies too.  The man’s got experience and the balls to match.

It’s Raylan who eventually shoots down Marcos, followed by Theo Tonin being discovered in a shipping container.  The celebration doesn’t last long for Raylan though.  Picker pins the Augustine execution on FBI Agent Barkley (the guy Augustine shot in the head).  Miraculously, Raylan’s conscious gets the best of him.  The episode ends with him seemingly about to confess being on the tarmac that night.  Raylan’s always had a great amount of respect for Art, even if he’s the main source of his headaches.  For the most part he shoots straight with his boss, which would explain the confession.  What’s left to see is the repercussions.

You guys think Art’s going to turn over Raylan?  Or keep it a secret?


• justified timothy olyphantI thought Dewey being cradled by a hooker resembled Michelangelo’s Pieta statue.  Him giving away his prized possessions makes it seem like he’s thinking the end is near.  Maybe he’ll make one last big play against Daryl?

• Adios, Will Sasso.  Now let’s hope Dave Foley gets to make another appearance.

• Adios, Jean Baptiste.  Danny Crowe’s reckless chest beating is getting to be a problem Daryl may have to remedy sooner than later unless he wants to draw more heat.

• It should be interesting to see what the Crowe’s mean by “the old way.”  Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s far from legal.

• The power-hungry prison guard is played by Danny Strong, an Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning writer.  He took home numerous awards last year for the HBO movie Game Change and he’ll be penning the screenplay for the next two Hunger Games installments.

• David Vasquez’s line in regards to Art, “If that ain’t the cap to the man’s career I don’t know what is.” sounds awful ominous.

• Daryl putting up a “Hang in There” poster in Audrey’s lolz.

• I’m glad that Wood and Steve Harris are going to be regulars as part of Johnny’s crew.  They’re really great together.

Best One Liner: “FYI, that’s kind of a thing with these marshals.”  – Duffy, in regards to Art’s threat to shoot Marcos.

Most Badass Line: “Things like this have no expiration date.”  – Marcos, in regards to his threat to murder Picker and his whole family.

Body Count: 5