Justin Lin Signs First Look Development Deal with Sony Pictures Television

     September 2, 2011


We just heard about a new two-year production deal at Universal Pictures for Fast Five director Justin Lin, and now the director seems to be on fire in Hollywood as Deadline reports the filmmaker has also just closed a first-look development deal for Sony Pictures Television. Under the new deal, Lin will develop new series projects for the studio and he’s also committed to direct an unknown pilot subject to his feature film schedule. This won’t be his first foray into TV as Lin has already been at the helm of three episodes of Community, certainly one of the best comedies currently on TV.  It’s not clear what kind of projects he’ll developing so it could range from the action-packed stuff we’re used to seeing in the Fast and the Furious franchise or maybe even some more comedy in the same vein as Community. Either way, there’s no doubt that Lin is one of the hottest commodities working in the industry right now, and we’ll be seeing a lot from him both on the big and small screen.