Is Daniel the Real Bully of ‘The Karate Kid’?

     August 24, 2015


While subverting beloved movies can become a bit tiresome, it can be brilliant when it’s done well, and J. Matthew Turner has knocked it out of the park with his reading of The Karate Kid. In the video, Turner asserts that Daniel (Ralph Macchio), not Johnny (William Zabka) is the bully, and that Johnny is the hero. Turner makes an incredibly compelling and convincing case, and I doubt you’ll see The Karate Kid the same way again. If you love The Karate Kid, my apologies in advance, but it turns out you were rooting for a sociopath.

Of course, Turner isn’t the first person to suggest that Johnny, not Daniel, is the hero of the story.  Patton Oswalt wrote about how Daniel basically ruined Johnny’s life (thanks to Dan Trachtenberg for the heads up):

How I Met Your Mother also acknowledged that Johnny may not be so bad, and Daniel is an odd choice for a hero when the movie called “The Karate Kid”:


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