KARATE KID Sequel to be Written by Zak Penn

     February 7, 2012


The pen behind 2008’s The Incredible Hulk has been tapped by Columbia Pictures to write their untitled Karate Kid sequel. Zak Penn, who has also written for X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand, will rewrite a sequel drafted by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris. The surprise hit of 2010 that starred Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith opened to $55.6 million and went on to gross over $350 million worldwide. The teacher/student team from the original film are expected to return in the sequel, but no deals are yet in place and no plot details have been released. Hit the jump to read more about Penn’s previous works.

Variety reported karate-kid-sequel-zak-pennthat Penn would be rewriting the Karate Kid script. He certainly doesn’t lack for action movies, having started his writing career with 1993’s Last Action Hero. But for every Behind Enemy Lines written by Penn, he has an Elektra or an Inspector Gadget. However, his most recent creation is the SyFy network’s superhero series Alphas, which follows a team of people gifted with powers (similar to the earlier superhero run, Heroes). Penn’s latest contributions include work on a Dirty Dozen remake and an original spin on the story of the Argonauts for 20th Century Fox.

Personally, I think Penn’s work is hit or miss, but the same could be said for a Karate Kid sequel regardless of who the screenwriter is. The 2010 film was more of a nostalgia trip for fans of the original and was family-friendly enough to rake in some extra cash. Much like the original sequel, I expect the critical reviews to nosedive and the box office numbers should reflect that.

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