Chloe Moretz in Talks for Karyn Kusama’s THE RUT

     July 29, 2010


Looking to recover from the critical and commercial failure of Jennifer’s Body, director Karyn Kusama is moving in a new direction with her next project, The Rut.  According to 24 Frames, the plot revolves around “a father-daughter relationship and centers particularly on hunting, as a daughter must learn the tricks of hunting and archery taught to her by her father after said father goes missing.”  Details are scarce at this early stage, but the wording of the article makes it sound as though Kusama will write as well as direct.

Chloe Moretz is in talks to star as the daughter, which is pretty much all it takes to hook me.  If she finalizes a deal, this sounds like a nice companion piece to the father-daughter relationship in Kick-Ass.  For that matter, the same could potentially be said for Moretz’s role in Let Me In (in theaters October 1st).  Maybe I’m reading into things too much — when you’re 13-years-old, I’m sure many roles call for you to interact with a father (or father figure) in a meaningful way.

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