Watch: Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway Plays Pennywise & Taunts Anderson Cooper in ‘SNL’ Video

     October 15, 2017


Kate McKinnon now effectively runs SNL. The best segments from the last two episodes of the venerable sketch show have included her sparring with the celebrity host. Whether fawning over Gal Gadot or making Ryan Gosling loose his cool for the second time as the survivor of an alien abduction, McKinnon’s unrivaled sense of timing and delivery continues to be the most consistently entertaining element of the notoriously inconsistent comedy series.

It should come as no surprise that she similarly owned last night’s episode in not one but two sketches, neither of which included ace first-time host Kumail Nanjiani. Nanjiani had a great opening monologue and appeared in a surprisingly clever sketch about a call center but it was McKinnon’s return to the series as Kellyanne Conway that really stole the show. Perhaps this had more to do with the fact that her return to the role was in the guise of a parody of It that made it pop. In the sketch, “Kellywise,” done-up in Pennywise make-up, taunts regular rival Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat) to come down into the sewer with her in the same way Pennywise did to Georgie. She uses a copy of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “What Happened” and Rachel Maddow to lure him in. Watch the sketch below.

Here’s the “Kellywise” sketch:

If that was the best segment from last night’s episode, an extremely close second placing would have to go to “Film Panel,” in which McKinnon plays fictional actress Debette Goldry  alongside Leslie Jones as Viola Davis and Cecily Strong as Marion Cotillard on a New York Film Festival panel. I won’t spoil what happens but needless to say, the subject of Harvey Weinstein comes up. SNL has always been at its best when its angry, when you can actually tell that the performers connect directly with the characters’ seemingly hyperbolic emotional states. In this case, you can feel the actresses’ connection to the subject matter potently but not to the point that the laughs are smothered by pure outrage. You can watch the “Film Panel” sketch right below.

Here’s last night’s “Film Panel” sketch: