Watch: Kate McKinnon Impersonates Marianne Williamson from Democratic Debate

     June 28, 2019

During the second night of the Democratic Primary Debates, there was one presidential hopeful onstage who seemed a little… out there. That was self-help author-turned-candidate Marianne Williamson, who appeared to not just ignore the premise of questions, but then go off on random tangents about New Zealand or the power of love. Pretty immediately, Twitter began lighting up with folks eager to see SNL star Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of Williamson, although that seemed like a long shot given that Williamson is unlikely to hold on until the fall when SNL returns.

Luckily, McKinnon just happened to be the first guest on the live episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, and when she sat down on the couch she and Seth Meyers began talking about Wiliamson. McKinnon sat in the writers room and watched the debate before the Late Night show, and while on the couch she busted out an on-the-fly impression that is simply delightful.

With an election year coming up SNL will have no lack for content, and obviously it’s usually very hit or miss. But here it’s fun to see a political impersonation manifest in real-time, as McKinnon really had no prep or research time and was simply going off of Williamson’s odd performance in the debate.

Check it out below.