Katherine Waterston Lands Lead in Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs Film

     December 23, 2014


Casting continues on director Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs movieMichael Fassbender is set to play the Apple innovator in the Aaron Sorkin-scripted biopic, with Seth Rogen onboard as Steve Wozniak and Michael Stuhlbarg poised to fill the role of Andy Hertzfeld, the computer scientist and inventor who was part of the original Apple development team.  A few days ago we learned that Kate Winslet had entered negotiations to join the film, and now word comes that Inherent Vice standout Katherine Waterston has landed the lead role of Chrisaan, the mother of Jobs’ first child.  More after the jump.

Aaron Sorkin’s script for the untitled Steve Jobs movie is a unique take on the biopic genre in that it is comprised of only three scenes, each set around the launch of three different Apple products: the Mac, the NeXT, and the iPod.  Deadline reports that Waterson will be playing Chrisaan Brennan in the film, Jobs’ longtime partner and a Bay area painter who gave birth to their first child, Lisa Brennan-Jobs in 1978.  Jobs denied paternity for years, claiming he was sterile, before ultimately acknowledging Lisa as his daughter.

Sorkin has previously said that Lisa is “the heroine” of the film, so I imagine the casting of that role will be integral to the production.  Waterson is excellent in Inherent Vice so I’m happy to see her landing such a high-profile role, and she’s no doubt familiar with Sorkin as her father, Sam Waterson, starred on Sorkin’s HBO series The Newsroom.  Expect more casting news in the weeks to come as filming on the Jobs picture gets underway early next year.


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