Kathryn Hahn Explains How to Defeat Crazy Old People in ‘The Visit’

     September 7, 2015


Kathryn Hahn has a pretty easy gig in The Visit. She gets to sit out most of the horrific moments, dropping her children off at a bus stop and then going on vacation for the remainder of the picture, periodically dropping by via Skype to check on how her kids are holding up with her estranged parents. The answer, it turns out, is not well. Within moment of arriving at their grandparents (Peter McRobbie & Deanna Dunagan), Becca and Tyler (Olivia DeJonge & Ed Oxenbould) begin to notice things aren’t quite right. What they at first dismiss as a symptom of old age quickly becomes far more nefarious. What’s happening to grandma and grandpa? And will the children be able to survive without the help of their mother?

In the following interview with Hahn, she discusses what she would do if she was stuck in a house with terrifying grandparents, her most traumatic horror film memory and performing long take monologues for The Visit.

Kathryn Hahn:

  • Hahn on her most traumatic horror film memory
  • On what would she do if she found herself in the children’s situation in The Visit?
  • On performing long take monologues for the film

The Visit opens in theaters this Friday.



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