Katie Cassidy Talks ‘Arrow’ Season 4, Black Canary, and More at Dragon Con 2015

     September 8, 2015


Currently shooting episodes for season four of Arrow in Vancouver, Katie Cassidy flew to Atlanta this weekend in order to attend Dragon Con 2015. After an early morning training session, she graciously stopped by to chat with a group of journalists about the upcoming season before attending a fan panel.

Cassidy’s character Laurel Lance has been run through a gauntlet of emotionally traumatic events over the show’s previous three seasons, but now feels like a character in control of her destiny thanks to her taking on the mantle of the Black Canary. Cassidy talked about the transformation into the vigilante, the possibility that viewers will see her reunited with White Canary in on-screen fight scenes, and other potential cross-overs in the DC TV Universe. See what she had to say below.


Image via The CW

Laurel Lance finally got to join the street-fighting team in earnest last season, but her skills have obviously improved heading into Season 4. When asked if she had a chance to train with guest star, and Legends of Tomorrow lead, Caity Lotz, Cassidy had an interesting response:

I have a feeling that she and I will be training together. [laughs] I just think it’s cool. She’s become a really good friend of mine; I totally look up to her. She’s badass, obviously. I feel like she’s a stuntwoman. She’s just so good at it. She’s really dedicated, and I am as well, so I think the two of us, even if it’s on-screen or off-screen, I think the two of us will definitely be training together.

Cassidy wouldn’t reveal anything further, even when asked if the White Canary and Black Canary would team up either on Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow, or possibly both.

I can’t tell you, as much as I’d love to tell you. What’s great about this whole universe and what our producers did so brilliantly, these three shows are all in Vancouver and we’re all in the same world. It’s definitely a possibility for everyone to be crossing over, and with Sara (Lotz) being my sister, you’d think that at least Paul [Blackthorne] and I would be involved in their show, and they’ll hopefully be involved in ours. I’m just so happy to have more friends on the show who are girls. [laughs]


Image via The CW

Aside from Laurel fighting as the Black Canary, she’ll continue to have a storyline without the mask, but don’t expect any new romances anytime soon:

I’m really happy because I like the direction they’ve gone with my character. I’m not the girlfriend or the love interest, I actually have my own storyline. I’m not just there to serve as a love interest. Yeah, I’m sure at some point, hopefully … not to be selfish on a personal level, they’ll cast someone to potentially be my love interest. It’ll probably happen and I like that I have my own storyline aside from Team Arrow as well; I have my own identity.


Honestly, I don’t know when they would do it because Laurel, right now, being on the team and being a part of it is still so new to her, that’s just where she’s focused, owning what she’s doing, owning herself, the Black Canary, and proving herself. I think she’s living that world and is supportive of Oliver and Felicity.

Like many fans, I was a bit frustrated with Laurel’s slow battle with substance abuse and episodic ping-ponging from one love interest to another, but her character has really started to gel over the last season. Here’s hoping the upcoming season gives her a chance to further spread her wings.

Season 4 of Arrow returns Wednesday, October 7th at 8pm on The CW.


Image via The CW