Katie Holmes Lands Interesting Guest Role on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

     September 22, 2011


It’s amazing that a story about meeting the mother of one man’s children has lasted for seven seasons and the kids hearing the story haven’t gotten up to leave the room, but How I Met Your Mother is still going strong. And this season, the writers are throwing back to a character referenced only in the comedy series’ first season and quite a big name has landed the role. Vulture has learned that Katie Holmes will be the infamous Slutty Pumpkin. Fans of the series should remember Halloween harlequin as a potential love interest Ted (Josh Radnor) once met at a Halloween party, but lost touch with eventually. This will be Holmes’ first TV appearance since a guest role on Eli Stone in 2008 and creator Craig Thomas says, “Katie is a lovely and talented actress, which is why we’ve saved for her perhaps the most classily named character in our show’s history.” Should be a fun role for Holmes and an interesting time for Ted, but when the hell is the mother of his children going to show up?