Keanu Reeves Heads to TV in New Comedy Series ‘Swedish Dicks, Private Investigators’

     April 13, 2017


After the violence and emotional turmoil of John Wick, it seems Keanu Reeves is ready to lighten his load a little bit by starring in a comedy series. The Pop channel — which is under CBS’s umbrella of networks — has just announced its lineup of new series, which skews heavily into scripted offerings that seem to be appealing to a Millennial audience. As for Reeves, his series (which will mark his first major TV role, a recurring one here) is called Swedish Dicks: Private Investigators, starring Peter Stormare and comedian Johan Glans as an aging ex-stuntman and a Swedish DJ who open an L.A.-based private detective firm.

Reeves has flirted with the idea of TV before, with a Rain television series (you can read about its progression in our archives — and forgive some of the crazy formatting, we’ve changed things up quite a bit since 2014!) But it’s certainly an interesting choice for him to join what sounds like a wacky comedy instead.

Pop has another comedy series on the docket from Will Arnett called Hot Date, based on the CollegeHumor web series, as well as the “provocative” drama Clique, from the creators of the UK’s Skins that will follow two girls whose friendship is tested when one is accepted into an elite college clique led by a mysterious professor. You can watch trailers for both below, along with a rundown of the rest of the new scripted series that are currently in development. As you’ll see, Pop is clearly looking to bring in big names to drum up its original content, but we’ll see if it’s able to steal viewers away from the glut of TV already out there …