Our Recap and Images from Mondo’s Ken Taylor and Jason Edmiston Gallery Show in Austin

     October 22, 2016


Hundreds of Mondo fans have once again gathered in Austin for the biggest poster event of the year. It’s the eve of the third annual MondoCon and this time Mondo is kicking the weekend off with an opening at their flagship gallery. Jason Edmiston and Ken Taylor have teamed up to present a new body of work titled “Home.”

“Home” takes a look at the structures and architecture from some of our favorite films. The chilling playground from Let the Right One In, the desolate castle from The Dark Crystal, and the Antarctic compound from The Thing are all depicted in these artists’ familiar styles. As you can see in the pics below, all the pieces from the show are dark with only a small but powerful splash of the color red. A trail of blood, a room key, a top floor window. All small details made the important focus by their bold color choice.

mondocon imageHailing from Toronto, Canada, Jason Edmiston returns to the Mondo Gallery for his third gallery show. Known for detailed and colorful portraits, Jason is exploring a new direction with this show. His last solo year, Eyes Without a Face, captured the characters’ emotion through their eyes. “Home” captures those same characters backgrounds by giving us a look into their dwellings. Imagine seeing the grim eyes of Pennywise from last years show. Now picture seeing Pennywise and his stark red hair creeping out of the sewer in the recent piece from “Home.” Two very different pieces of art, yet they convey the same creepy feeling. In addition to keeping busy with Mondo and multiple conventions across the world, Jason recently launched a stunning new hardcover book titled “Visceral.” Spanning a large part of Jason’s career, Visceral gives us an in depth look into the thought process of an incredibly talented artist. Visceral is now available in bookstores and online retailers.

mondocon beerAlso returning for his third show at the Mondo Gallery is Ken Taylor from Melbourne, Australia. Whether he’s doing concert posters for The Avett Brothers, art prints for the Vacvvm, or movie posters for Mondo, Ken’s work is simply always on point. This show really pushed Ken and allowed him to explore pen and ink illustration in addition to his popular screen prints.  When talking to Ken about his Metropolis print he simply said, “It took forever.” We can definitely tell as the print is incredibly detailed from top to bottom. Many of Ken’s pieces had one common image, a red sun. A small circle of color that loomed over each of the houses from memorable film locations. This small burst of color brought all of his pieces together and intertwined them with the minimal reds from Jason’s pieces which really brought together the whole show. If you’re looking for more incredible artwork from Ken, you can see a plethora in the new OMG Posters book which hit shelves last week.

“Home” is on display at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas through November 5th. If you are attending MondoCon you can catch Jason Edmiston at booth B7 in Arsenio Hall, and Ken Taylor with the Vacvvm at booth B7 in Annie Hall. Click here for more info on MondoCon.

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