Kevin Hart on the His “Edgy” & “Dark” Role in ‘Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie’

     June 2, 2017

Kevin Hart, the motor-mouthed comedian, most famous for cursing a storm at The Rock/Ice Cube/Will Ferrell/[insert actor of choice here], faces his most ‘difficult’ and ‘edgy’ role yet: a ten-year-old animated boy. In Captain Underpants: First Epic Movie, Hart stars as George, a ten-year-old (**actually 9 ¾ year-old**) troublemaker who hypnotizes his cruel school-principal into thinking he’s the comic book superhero, Captain Underpants. Hart, with his unbridled can’t-sit-still energy, is a perfect fit for a fast-talking, troublesome ten-year-old. Sans all the expletives, the comedian easily taps into the sugar-addled mind of a fourth grader, perfectly fitting into the confines of a family film without compromising his own profane image.

In the following interview with Hart, he discusses getting into the mind of a ten-year-old, what he was like at that age and his children’s reaction to Captain Underpants (and the popular book series the film’s based on). For the full interview, watch above.

Kevin Hart:

  • Kevin Hart on the process getting into the mindset of a ten-year-old
  • On what he was like at ten years old compared to George
  • On the pranks he pulled at that young age
  • On his children’s reaction to Captain Underpants and the book series

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is now in theaters.

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