Kevin Smith’s ‘Comes the Krampus’ Is Now the Horror Anthology ‘Killroy Was Here’

     June 15, 2017


You may recall that many years ago, Kevin Smith wanted to make a Krampus movie entitled Comes the Krampus. However, director Michael Dougherty beat him to the punch with the 2015 horror film Krampus. Rather than take Dougherty’s movie head-on (assuming he could even get it financed; Krampus wasn’t a big hit), Smith is shifting gears on the project. During a Facebook Live session [via Bloody Disgusting], Smith provided an update on the project:

“We were gonna make this Krampus movie and then somebody went and made a Krampus movie. Ours was an anthology that played more like Creepshow. Or, to appeal to the modern day kids, Creepshow 2. Or, let’s say, Black Mirror. So yeah, it’s kinda like that. It’s an anthology. So our Krampus movie – which was called Comes the Krampus and then later on, Anti-Claus – it got shelved. So we decided to re-engineer that dopey script. We turned it into a different movie. We just changed the Krampus character – it’s almost the same script. Took the Christmas elements out of it. Instead, we’re calling it KillRoy Was Here.”


Image via The CW

The movie will feature a long-nosed monster designed by Robert Kurtzman and inspired by the “KilRoy Was Here” graffiti that popped up during World War II. Smith is currently shooting the movie in Sarasota, Florida and is being assisted by the students of the Ringling College of Art and Design.

Where that leaves other Smith projects like Moose Jaws and Hit Somebody remains unknown. Presumably, they’re just stuck in development and Smith will eventually get around to them (he talked up Red State for years before he finally started filming on it).

In a press release, Smith said of the film:

“This is a monster movie in the sense of a classic morality tale,” says Smith.  “No one wants to see you spill the blood of innocents, but when someone crosses the line and goes bad, you get to make them pay in horrible ways, and the audience cheers.” Like The Twilight ZoneKillroy is full of ironic twists and grisly moments.  Smith added, “We wanted to make an anthology film in the vein of CreepshowKillroy is like the Golem, the Boogeyman and the Grim Reaper combined.”

What do you think about Smith taking on anthology movie? Do you wish he had stuck with his Krampus concept? Would you rather he was working on something else? Sound off in the comments section.

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