Kevin Smith’s RED STATE Will Shoot in August; Next EVENING WITH KEVIN SMITH Special Headed for TV

     July 2, 2010


Most Kevin Smith fans have listened to the director discuss his intent to make Red State for ages now, and most non-fans should heed that it’s not your average Kevin Smith flick before they tune out.  Smith describes Red State as a “political horror movie, essentially.”

The original plan had Smith lensing in July, though now the New Jerseyan says production will begin in August.  Any news that it’s officially on the books is encouraging.  More after the jump:

kevin_smith_imageSmith remarked to E! Online [via The Playlist]:

Red State is what we’re shooting in August.  It’s a political horror movie, essentially.  We’re still casting right now, but I don’t want to cast anybody that anybody knows because that takes you right out of the flick.  The idea is what’s going to sell the movie.”

I like the idea of Smith working with an unknown cast, for the first time since Clerks, I suppose.  (Although, “unknown” could probably still include Jason Mewes.)  It’s a common suggestion that Smith’s career would benefit from a step outside his comfort zone, though his first attempt to direct from someone else’s script with Cop Out was generally regarded as a failure.  Red State skews an entirely different direction, and sounds like a very worthwhile endeavor for the director.

Smith has always been most reliable when somebody simply hands him a mic in the Evening with Kevin Smith specials.  Apparently, the next one’s coming to TV in celebration of the big 4-0:

“The idea of throwing myself a birthday party just to be like, “I’m 40, motherf–kers!” just feels, for me, kind of gauche. Instead we are going to tape a TV show. I’ve done three DVDs of An Evening with Kevin Smith and the next one we’re doing for TV.”

Do you think we’re in store for a bleeped-out Comedy Central special, or will the raunchy filmmaker head straight for pay cable?

Following Red State, Smith will team up with Seann William Scott for the ode to rough-and-tumble hockey, Hit Somebody. (Another project with promise, if you ask me.)

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