Watch MORTAL KOMBAT Director Kevin Tancharoen’s Video Pitch for THE HUNGER GAMES

     September 6, 2012


To say Lionsgate’s adaptation of The Hunger Games was a highly sought-after directing gig would be an understatement.  A number of filmmakers lobbied for the opportunity to bring Suzanne Collins’ novel to life on the big screen, and in doing so many of them put together “pitch trailers” in order to explain their vision for the film.  These videos are made all the time, but are rarely seen by the public.  When director Joe Carnahan realized that his iteration of Daredevil wouldn’t be coming to fruition at Fox, he graciously released the sizzle reel that he put together online.  Some of these videos are made entirely out of existing footage, while other filmmakers invest quite a bit of money to create their own footage and animatics for the reel.

Director Kevin Tancharoen’s pitch for The Hunger Games is a case of the latter, and the video pitch for his vision of the film has now been released online.  Hit the jump to take a look.

kevin-tancharoen-the-hunger-gamesTancharoen previously directed the 2009 remake of Fame, but he’s also responsible for creating the test short film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth that went viral a couple of years ago (he’s currently working on a MK webseries in addition to developing a feature film).  As you can see from this pitch video, his vision for The Hunger Games is quite a bit different than that of Gary Ross.  It’s a tad darker and more brutal, but there also seems to be a heavier sci-fi element to this take.  Ross was adamant about not glorifying the violence in his film, and he also took a more realistic approach to the universe (the Capitol in particular).  Tancharoen’s take is heavy on the sci-fi with a few slow-motion action bits.  He also includes a bit of dream casting at the end (Zac Efron as Peeta, Jude Law as Cinna, Christoph Waltz as President Snow), but he cautions that he was only trying to show some casting choices, not pitch this exact cast.

Watch the video pitch below, and head on over to /Film to read a fascinating interview with the director about the video pitch process and how he put this package together:


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