Director Kevin Tancharoen Video Interview MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY

     May 3, 2011

Kevin Tancharoen Interview MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY slice

Just before director Kevin Tancharoen’s Mortal Kombat: Legacy nine-part web series premiered, I got to sit down with him to talk about how the project came together.  At the time, I hadn’t seen any of the episodes, so my questions were more general than specific.  However, we still discussed the level of violence in the shorts, what rules and regulations did he have to deal with, what Easter Eggs should fans look out for, do the episodes all tie together (they do), and if he’s able to make a Mortal Kombat feature film…what would the rating be.  Hit the jump to watch.

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Mortal-Kombat-Rebirth-imageKevin Tancharoen

  • What is his go-to karaoke song?
  • 1:04 Talks about how quickly everything came together. Shot the film in 18 days, and it’s 90 minutes long. Wrote the script very quickly with Aaron and Todd Helbin who wrote on TV show Spartacus.
  • 1:52 Says the violence factor of Legacy will be the same as Rebirth
  • 2:12 Talks about special moves and fatalities. Says they will show how Kato got his eye knocked out and got his faceplate put in, and how Jaxx got his metal arms.
  • 3:07 What rules and regulations did he have to deal with? Says a lot of it was on him, and they were able to break from Mortal Kombat canon when they felt it was right.
  • 3:55 Talks about the differences between the shorts. Some have more action and some have more story, but all of them have at least one fight.
  • 4:28 Talks easter eggs. Says they’re all interconnected in that they all lead up to the tournament at the end. They’re all separate, giving everyone’s backstory, but it all culminates at the tournament.
  • 5:14 How he got onboard. Says after he made his short, he was called in and they had previously done only animation (Animatrix, etc.) but they wanted him to do a live-action version in correlation with the new game.
  • 6:03 Future projects. Says he’s working on a couple of features that he can’t talk about, but he wants to do a feature version of Mortal Kombat for not only old fans but for people that don’t know what Mortal Kombat is.
  • 6:56 Talks about the rating of a feature-film. Says a feature-length film has to be R. Points out that the Resident Evil movies are R and they do well, so he could use that as an example if the studio wanted to go PG-13.


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