Key and Peele’s SUBSTITUTE TEACHER Going Feature Length at Paramount

     March 24, 2015


Fantastic news for me and a few million other people. One of my very favorite sketches from Key and Peele‘s self-titled show on Comedy Central is going to become a feature length comedy at Paramount. Substitute Teacher will finally bring the travails of Mr. Garvey to the big screen, where we can truly expect some unhinged lunacy. The script will be written by Rich Talarico and Alex Rubens, who are also co-producers on Key and Peele. it was a given that Keegan-Michael Key would be in this, but I’m excited that Jordan Peele is appearing as well (especially if it’s as the other substitute featured in alternate versions of the sketch).

This is the second feature in the pipeline from Key and Peele, with their stolen cat movie Keanu lensing in the coming months for New Line. Per Deadline, here’s the synopsis for Substitute Teacher:

Keegan-Michael Key will reprise his role as as the over-the-top substitute Mr. Garvey, and Jordan Peele will portray a rival teacher determined to be the students’ favorite.

And here’s the sketch that started it all.

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