KICK-ASS Director Matthew Vaughn Turns His Eye Towards BLOODSHOT

     March 29, 2010


Matthew Vaughn, director of the near-universally-loved-by-geeks (although it isn’t tracking very well among everyone else) Kick-Ass, is looking at another comic book with BloodshotLatino Review reports that Vaughn intends to fully finance the film and begin casting late this summer.  He’ll also be re-teaming with Jane Goldman who wrote Kick-Ass and Vaughn’s previous film, the under-rated Stardust.

Vaughn will reportedly adapt the second volume of the series, which is about a Frankstein’s Monster-like character named Angelo Mortalli, who is a former mob hitman who is murdered and then revived by the FBI to extract info from his brain using “nanites”.  Instead, Mortalli comes back from the dead, escapes, and uses the nanites to control things like blood-flow, adrenaline, healing, etc, making him a very dangerous fellow.  He takes the name “Bloodshot” because “Very Dangerous Fellow” doesn’t sound as cool as how your eyes are described when you’re really tired or stoned.

The second volume [via Wikipedia] has the nanites as sentient beings that see Mortalli as their God and provoke him to self induce a trance like state using a mixture of substances in order to communicate with him directly.  Mortalli’s quest is to piece together who he was and what happened to him.

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