Kiefer Sutherland and Paula Patton Exclusive Video Interviews – MIRRORS

     August 13, 2008

Opening this Friday is the new Alexandre Aja (“The Hills Have Eyes”, “Haute tension”) movie “Mirrors.” The film stars Kiefer Sutherland as a troubled ex-cop and Paula Patton as his estranged wife. Here’s the synopsis:

Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland) has seen better days. It’s been nearly a year since the volatile detective was suspended from the NYPD for fatally shooting another undercover officer, an accident that not only cost him his job, but fueled the alcoholism and anger that has alienated his wife and kids and left him crashing on his sister’s couch in Queens.

Desperate to pull his life together and reconnect with his family, Carson takes a job as a night watchman at the burned-out ruins of the Mayflower department store. What once was a symbol of prosperity and grandeur now sits decaying in the darkness like a rotting ghost ship, destroyed by a massive fire that devoured numerous innocent lives. As Carson patrols the eerie, charred remains of the store, he begins to notice something sinister about the ornate mirrors that adorn the Mayflower walls. Reflected in the gigantic shimmering glass are horrific images that stun Carson.

Beyond projecting gruesome images of the past, the mirrors appear to be manipulating reality as well. When Carson sees his own reflection being tortured, he suffers the physical effects of his fractured visions. Suddenly the troubled ex-cop finds himself battling his personal demons and the ones that have hijacked his reflection, tormenting him with convulsions, spontaneous bleeding and near suffocation.

His sympathetic but skeptical sister Angela (Amy Smart) dismisses these bizarre “nightmares” as a consequence of his stress and guilt over the accidental shooting, but Carson‘s estranged wife Amy (Paula Patton), a no-nonsense NYPD medical examiner, is less forgiving. Her husband’s increasingly erratic behavior frightens her, pushing his family farther away – and, she fears, it’s putting their children in danger.

But a much deadlier threat looms, trapped within the mirrors and reflective surfaces that pervade their everyday life. As Carson investigates the mysterious disappearance of a Mayflower security guard and its possible connection to his ghastly visions, he realizes that a malevolent, otherworldly force is using reflections as a gateway to terrorize him and his family.

If he has any hope of saving his wife and children from a horrifying death, Carson must somehow uncover the truth behind the mirrors – and convince Amy to help him battle the greatest evil he has ever faced.

Anyway, to help promote the film, I recently sat down with both Kiefer and Paula to talk about making the movie and working with Alexandre. And for all you Kiefer fans…. I had a lot more questions to ask but ran out of time. I had planned on asking about not only 24, but Lost Boys 2 and Dark City….

Kiefer Sutherland

  • As I sat down Kiefer asked about my t-shirt…
  • I ask when did he shoot the movie in relation to the show and why did he pick this project for his hiatus
  • He talks about the sets that were used in Romania for the film

Paula Patton

  • We start off by joking around
  • I ask if she really grew up across the street from 20th Century Fox
  • I ask if she can walk by mirrors after this film..
  • Was she a fan of Kiefer and 24 and Lost Boys
  • What kind of relationship did she development with Kiefer while filming
  • Did she go to Romania to film the movie and what was the experience like
  • What are the benefits of filming in LA and in Romania
  • What was working with Alexandre Aja like

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