First Images for KILLING SEASON Starring Robert De Niro and John Travolta

     June 13, 2013

john travolta robert de niro killing season

You will know if you are the target audience for Killing Season as soon as you hear the tagline: “The purest form of war is one on one.”  So, are you in?

If somehow you’re still on the fence: Robert De Niro plays a military veteran who retreats to a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains to forget his experience in the Bosnian War.  He befriends a European tourist (John Travolta) who—surprise!—is a former Serbian soldier out for revenge.  Thus begins the purest form of war.  Travolta’s Serbian accent alone may be worth the price of admission when Killing Season, directed by Mark Steven Johnson, opens on July 12.  Milo Ventimiglia and Elizabeth Olin co-star.  Hit the jump to see the first batch of images and the trailer.

Official synopsis:

American military veteran Benjamin Ford (Robert De Niro) has fled to a cabin retreat somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains to forget the painful memories of the Bosnian War he fought in. One day, visitor Emil Kovac (John Travolta), a European tourist, knocks on his door, and the two men begin an unlikely friendship. When it develops that Kovac is in fact a former Serbian soldier bent on revenge, there begins a one-on-one confrontation and battle between the two throughout the harsh mountain environment.

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