Director Kimberly Peirce Talks CARRIE, the Editing Process, the Challenges of Making a Film Where the Lead Actor is Under 18, and More

     October 19, 2013


If you’re looking for a horror fix this October, then MGM and Screen Gems has you covered with Kimberly Peirce’s new adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novelCarrie.  For those unfamiliar with the story, it centers on a bullied teenage girl (played by Chloe Grace Moretz) who discovers that she has telekinetic powers and decides to dish out retribution against her tormentors including her abusive mother (played by Julianne Moore).  For more on the film, watch the first clip, check out a bunch of new images with a cool viral video, and read Adam’s 25 things to know from his set visit and his interviews with MoretzPeirce, and Judy Greer.

A few days ago, I got to speak with Kimberly Peirce in Los Angeles.  She talked about her editing process, the challenge of making a movie where the lead actress is under eighteen, whether she shot the film knowing they’d eventually release an unrated or extended cut on Blu-ray, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Kimberly Peirce:

  • How long was her assembly cut?
  • Does she tend to overshoot and how is she in the editing room?
  • Did she shoot the film knowing they’d eventually release an unrated or extended cut on Blu-ray?
  • Talks about the challenge of making a film that has a lead actor that’s under 18 (she can only work 8 hours a day).


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