‘Kin’ Directors Jonathan and Josh Baker on Their Sci-Fi Feature Debut

     August 31, 2018

With the sci-fi thriller Kin now playing in theaters, I recently got to sit down with writer-directors Jonathan and Josh Baker to talk about their feature debut. If you’re not familiar with the film, Kin stars Myles Truitt as a young boy who finds a mysterious alien weapon and is then forced to go on the run with his ex-con brother (Jack Reynor) when a ruthless criminal (James Franco) puts a target on their backs. The film is based on the Baker’s short film Bag Man and also stars Zoë KravitzCarrie Coon, and Dennis Quaid.

kin-movie-posterDuring the wide-ranging conversation, they talked about how Kin came about and the short film that influenced the story, the challenges of making the feature, the casting process, the importance of scheduling when casting, what they learned from early screenings that impacted the finished film, who designed the gun and who now owns it, if they were thinking about sequels when they made it, and a lot more. In addition, they shared a great story about working for the Wachowskis on The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions as Agent Smith doubles and they also played “Ice Breakers.” If you haven’t yet seen “Ice Breakers”, it’s a fun game that includes questions like which TV show you would want to play a guest spot on, favorite sci-fi/fantasy movie, which film scared you as a kid, what you collect, if you own any movie/TV show props, what’s your phone background photo, and more.

Check out what they had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.

Jonathan and Josh Baker:

  • What was the reaction at 21 Laps when they walked in?
  • They talk about how Kin came about and the short film that influenced the story.
  • How do they describe the film?
  • kin-jack-reynor-myles-truitt

    Image via Summit Entertainment

    When they were making the short film were they thinking about making a feature?

  • Who did they meet with to get the feature made?
  • What were the challenges making Kin?
  • They talk about the casting process and how they cast Jack Reynor.
  • Do they know when someone walks in the room that the person is the right choice?
  • The importance of scheduling when casting.
  • What did they learn from early screenings that impacted the finished film?
  • How long was their first cut of the film?
  • How do they work together as directors?
  • What was the last big fight they had?
  • How the film has an Amblin quality to it.
  • How much when they pitched the film were they thinking about sequels?
  • How did they design the gun and who owns it?
  • How they worked on the 2nd and 3rd Matrix films as Agent Smith doubles.
  • They play “Ice Breakers” and will they have the same answers….

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