Hear King George VI’s Actual Royal Broadcast, as Seen in THE KING’S SPEECH

     December 23, 2010


While Oscar heavyweight The King’s Speech continues its successful awards season journey to the Academy Awards in February, the actual royal broadcasts from King George VI have been made available. Expertly portrayed by Colin Firth in the film, King George suffered from a paralyzing speech impediment. The King’s Speech chronicles the King’s struggle to find his voice while his country is thrust into World War II looking for a leader.

The speech by George VI made available is his 1939 broadcast, which serves as the culmination of the film. It’s an utterly fascinating listen, full of long pauses, lisps, and trouble with the letter “R.” I highly recommend you head over to the BBC and give the speech a listen, as well as read their very insightful story on the broadcast. Also, if you haven’t already, check out Steve’s interview with King’s Speech director Tom Hooper.

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