Shareables: New ‘Kingsman 2’ Poster Drops, Amber Heard Trains for ‘Aquaman’

     April 2, 2017

kingsman-2-poster-sliceWe here at Collider pride ourselves on the diversity of our content, but there are only so many hours in the day—we can’t possibly get to everything. That’s where Collider Shareables comes in. It’s your one-stop shop for anything from the week that falls more on the side of entertaining or amusing rather than newsworthy. And since we can’t write about everything that pops up on the world wide web in a week, this is the place to find smaller, intriguing curios and behind-the-scenes looks from the projects we’re looking forward to most.


Image via Warner Bros.

This week was a busy one in the world of shareable content! First up, we’ve got an intriguing new Kingsman 2 poster that teases Colin Firth’s return. Then, Amber Heard stuns us all with an awesome behind-the-scenes video of her intensive Aquaman training. Next, Chris Pratt continues his delirious dispatches from the set of Jurassic World 2. Plus, we’ve got an adorable encounter with Hugh Jackman and a former student on the red carpet, the Internet’s favorite dancing Spider-Man twerks in the Complex offices, Tom Holland shares his own personal guide to being Spidey, American Horror Story reveals their new Horror Nights theme, a new Doctor Strange Easter Egg is uncovered, Taika Waititi crashes the Avengers: Infinity War set, and Iain Armitage’s (also known as Ziggy on Big Little Lies) double life as a super adorable online theater critic is revealed! Finally, to round it all out, we dug up a touching image of Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot joining their Wonder Woman forces. Bonus! If you like any of these shareable stories, you can get more by following Collider’s official Facebook page.

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