‘Kingsman 3’ Confirmed for 2019; Matthew Vaughn Will Write and Direct

     September 22, 2018

kingsman-the-golden-circle-sliceTo paraphrase Ernest Hemingway: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to the last film in your franchise.” Truer words [via IGN]: 20th Century Fox has officially confirmed that a third Kingsman film is on its way—currently slated for a November 8, 2019 release date—with Matthew Vaughn back on board to both write and direct.

The film would follow up 2017’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle, an odd duck of a spy-satire/action-thriller that was met with a lukewarm critical reaction but took in just about as much as Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) at the box office.

“Despite another charming performance from Egerton, Vaughn’s kitchen sink approach leaves the movie feeling bloated and unable to carry its cartoonish tone,” wrote Collider’s Matt Golberg in his review. “Rather than being a light, fun piece of escapist entertainment, The Golden Circle suffers from trying to do too much.”

No word on a plot synopsis yet, but one would have to assume Egerton’s Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin would return, as well as Colin Firth‘s Harry Hart. (Considering the fact they brought Firth back from an actual bullet to the brain for the sequel.) Since breaking out in the first film, Egerton has been hard at work becoming one of the most in-demand faces in Hollywood; the 29-year-old is currently polishing both his voice and presumably several sequined outfits to play Elton John in the biopic Rocketman, also due out in 2019.

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