Kirk Ellis to Adapt PAPA HEMINGWAY

     May 14, 2009

ernest_hemingway_01.jpgI miss the old days where the competing projects would be “The Giant Asteroid Movies” and “The Volcano Movies”.  Now we’re just going super-obscure with what’s going head-to-head these days.  Yesterday we mentioned how we now have competing Jekyll-and-Hyde movie and today Variety is reporting that Kirk Ellis is going to go up against Andy Garcia’s Hemingway movie by adapting A.E. Hotchner’s “Papa Hemingway”.

According to Variety, Hotchner’s memoir about the last 14 years of Hemingway’s life focuses on the literary giant’s close friendship with Hotchner. The author just recently agreed to sell the film rights to the highly personal memoir.  So not only is this another Hemingway movie, but it’s another Hemingway movie that focuses on the author in his twilight years before he ate a mouth full of buckshot.

Ellis is best known for his masterful adaptation of David McCullough’s “John Adams” and is currently at work in adapting McCullough’s “1776” as well as James Ellroy’s “American Tabloid” into a potential series for HBO.  Clearly, the guy has skills but I can’t help but be amused that we have competing Jekyll-and-Hyde adaptations, competing “Paradise Lost” adaptations, and now competing Hemingway movies.  Oh, and we also have competing Roman legion movies and Greek god movies coming up as well.  Hollywood is doubling-down on their lack of creativity so you gotta love it.

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