Wednesday Box Office – KNIGHT AND DAY Far From a Blockbuster with Just $3.8 Million

     June 24, 2010

Yesterday Fox rolled out Knight and Day nationwide. Now, we all know that there are two occasions when studios typically employ the Wednesday opening: before a big holiday and in the event of an event – a Harry Potter movie, say, or an installment in the Twilight Saga. We are still weeks away from our next holiday and Knight and Day, despite its appealing leads, is certainly no Eclipse, so how did that early opening work out? From its 3,042 theatres the action-comedy pulled in an estimated $3.8 million. That’s roughly half of what Fox was hoping for so… not too well. Not only did it miss ranking close to the top 50 all-time Wednesday debuts, Knight and Day was also well below last Wednesday’s $5.2 million, non-opening total for The Karate Kid. At this point it looks like Cruise and Cameron will rank a very distant third by weekend’s end, but you should check back just to be safe.

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