‘Kodachrome’ Trailer Features Ed Harris as a Miserable Bastard

     March 27, 2018


Netflix has released the Kodachrome trailer. The movie follows a struggling A&R executive (Jason Sudeikis) who reluctantly decides to go on a road trip with his dying estranged father (Ed Harris) and his nurse (Elizabeth Olsen), to develop some lost film in the last remaining lab that can develop Kodachrome film.

The movie played at TIFF last year, and here’s what Phil Brown had to say about it in his review:

For those who love the central trio of actors (especially Harris), there are certainly mild pleasures to be had in watching them work and work well. It will require you to ignore the nonsense movie containing them or at least to find a way to tolerate it.

The film kind of looks like the forgettable filler that currently clogs up Netflix’s content hole. I like these actors, but just from the trailer it feels like I’ve seen this movie before at Sundance and TIFF in past years. It’s a family dramedy with actors you like, and perhaps that will be enough to get people to click on through when it pops up in their Netflix recommendations.

Check out the Kodachrome trailer below. The movie hits Netflix on April 20th. Click on the respective links for Steve Weintraub’s interviews with Harris and director Mark Raso.

Here’s the official synopsis for Kodachrome:

Struggling A&R executive Matt (Jason Sudeikis) finds his world turned upside down when his estranged father’s nurse (Elizabeth Olsen) shows up unexpectedly in his office. Matt’s father, a famed bad-boy photojournalist (Ed Harris), is facing terminal cancer and his dying wish is for Matt to join him on a road trip from New York to Kansas to process his last rolls of Kodachrome film before the sole remaining lab closes and those captured moments are gone forever. Kodachrome tells the story of three damaged people coming to terms with themselves, each other, and a world swiftly changing from analog to digital.

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