Kodak Emerges from Bankruptcy; Will Resume Producing Stock Film

     September 5, 2013


Film is not dead.  Though many in the motion picture industry have shifted to digital filmmaking, there have still been plenty championing the value of film like Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, and Edgar Wright.  It appears that these filmmakers won’t be forced to switch to digital after all, as Variety reports that Kodak has emerged from bankruptcy and fully intends to resume producing film stock.  Though digital certainly has its advantages and can be used extremely well (see: David Fincher), it was worrisome that a time might come when a director would no longer be able to decide whether he or she wanted to shoot on film or digital.

With Kodak back in action, filmmakers will be able to decide which format best suits their film, and that is a very good thing.  For more on the film vs. digital debate, I highly suggest you check out the documentary Side by Side, which is currently streaming on Netflix Instant.


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