New ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Poster Shines a Light on ‘Godzilla’ Connection

     October 12, 2016


Today, various movie sites got a new Kong: Skull Island poster in the mail, but it wasn’t just decoration for their walls. As the folks at CS discovered, the poster’s tagline to “Bring the Truth to Light” is quite literal. If you shine a black light on the poster, secrets will be revealed.

Specifically, the poster is covered with notations from the organization MONARCH, which you may recall was the secret government organization in 2014’s Godzilla. If you look closely at the photo, it appears to have some skeletal design of a creature, and near the bottom of the poster the following writing appears:

His mouth is fire; his roar the floodwater; his breath is death. Enlil made him guardian of the Cedar Forest, To frighten off the mortal who would venture there. BUT WHO WOULD VENTURE THERE?

As ScreenCrush discovered when they searched for “Enlil Cedar Forest”, they got a search result for “a brief history of Sumerian religion, but what’s important is that the Sumerian god Enlil created a monster named Humbaba to guard the Cedar Forest, the home of the gods, so that no human would try to get up to any shenanigans.”

Could Humbaba be a giant monster we’ll see in Kong: Skull Island? How closely does Kong set up the upcoming Godzilla movies? We’ll have a better idea when the film opens next year.

Check out the poster below. Kong: Skull Island opens March 10, 2017 and stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson, and John C. Reilly.

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