FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS and THE DAILY SHOW Star Kristen Schaal to Guest Star on 30 ROCK

     November 17, 2011

On the TV side of things, Kristen Schaal has turned in some hilarious supporting performances on Flight of the Conchords as the band’s one and only super fan, and the bunny-eared daughter on Bob’s Burgers, not to mention showing up as a contributor to The Daily Show from time to time. Now THR reports the comedienne has snagged a multi-episode arc on 30 Rock when the show returns early next year. Right now her role is being kept under wraps, but guest stars usually get to have a lot of fun, especially in the case of multi-episode guests like Jon Hamm and Jason Sudeikis. She’s a quirky and hilarious actress, and adding her to 30 Rock for awhile should be a great treat. You can next see Schaal in an adorable but brief role in The Muppets next week.