Kristen Stewart and Eddie Redmayne Exclusive Video Interview THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF

     February 25, 2010

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Opening tomorrow, in limited release, is The Yellow Handkerchief.  The movie stars Kristen Stewart , William Hurt, Maria Bello and Eddie Redmayne and it’s about three strangers who take a road trip through post Katrina Louisiana. Along the way they learn about one another and why they agreed to take a ride with a complete stranger.

If you’re looking for a big budget Hollywood spectacle, this isn’t for you.  But if you’d like to see actors showcasing their abilities and a movie about real people trying to find their way, you might want to take a chance on The Yellow Handkerchief.

To help promote the film, I recently spoke to Kristen Stewart and Eddie Redmayne.  We talked about promoting the movie after filming it years ago, working with William Hurt, did they go after the project or did it come to them, and I asked Stewart what she thinks about Twilight possibly going 3D.   Watch the interview after the jump:

Finally, here’s a link to some movie clips from The Yellow Handkerchief and here’s a link to a bunch of images.

Kristen Stewart and Eddie Redmayne

  • Since the movie was made a few years ago, did they have to almost get ready to talk about it today. They talk about filming the movie
  • Did they go after the project or did it come after them
  • Working with William Hurt
  • How does Stewart feel about Twilight in 3D

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