Kristen Wiig May Do BRIDESMAIDS Sequel After All

     January 10, 2012


Shortly after Bridesmaids became the smash hit comedy of the summer, Universal predictably began mulling over the possibility of a follow-up. Last week it was reported that the studio might be going ahead with a sequel without star/co-writer Kristen Wiig’s involvement. Much hubbub was made about Melissa McCarthy taking center stage in a Bridesmaids 2, but the actress was quick to clarify that she’s not interested in replacing Wiig. Now co-star Wendi McLendon-Covey is setting the record straight, saying that Wiig returning is still very much a possibility. Hit the jump for the details.

bridesmaids-movie-image-kristen-wiig-maya-rudolph-01All this ballyhoo about a Wiig-less sequel began when the SNL star said “We aren’t working on that.  Annie [Mumolo] and I aren’t planning a sequel. We are writing something else.” McLendon-Covey clarified Wiig’s statement to E! Online, saying the actress never actually turned the idea down:

“She never said that she didn’t want to do it, all she said was that she’s not working on it right this minute because someone gave her the opportunity to write and direct her own film so, duh, she’s going to do that first. So no. I think all she’s waiting for is for her and Annie [Mumulo] to come up with an idea that’s equally as good.”

bridesmaids-movie-poster-kristen-wiig-01Understandably, Wiig was fielding offers left and right following the success of Bridesmaids. She was able to get a passion project of her called Imogene made, and she’s currently in the process of writing another film with Bridesmaids co-writer Mumulo. Wiig’s a smart lady, as both she and producer Judd Apatow have said that they don’t want to do a sequel just for the sake of making a sequel (I’m looking at you Hangover Part II). Apatow previously stated that they’d probably start brainstorming ideas for a follow-up sometime this year, but that will obviously take some time.

I get that Universal has a hit on their hands and they want to capitalize on the Bridesmaids craze as soon as possible, but I think all involved have earned the right to decide when and how a follow-up will come to be. There’s still no guarantee that Wiig will return to write or act in the sequel, but as McLendon-Covey explains, the SNL star hasn’t wholly ruled it out. I’m sure we’ll hear more when there’s some actual movement on the follow-up, but I wouldn’t necessarily hold my breath for that to happen anytime soon. Apatow is currently in post-production on his next directorial effort This is 40, McCarthy has her CBS sitcom Mike and Molly and she’s gearing up to star in a roadtrip comedy she wrote called Tammy, and Wiig is set to star in the comedy Revenge for Jolly! and Sean Penn‘s character-driven drama The Comedian co-starring Robert De Niro.

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