Kristin Davis, Kim Catrall and Cynthia Nixon Interviewed – SEX AND THE CITY

     May 25, 2008

Written by Eduardo Graca

First, the confession: this writer is a Sex & the City fan. And yes, the chances that I am biased here are pretty big. But after almost four years covering the movie industry I’m nearly sure I can tell the difference between a hoax and a fun piece of comedy. Michael Patrick King and the girls – Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda), Kim Catrall (Samantha) & Kristin Davis (Charlotte) – returned wiser and with more zsa-zsa-zou. The jokes work wonderfully; Chris Noth is a delight, and even the newcomer Jennifer Hudson – as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant Louise – proves that a dreamgirl can work well with the fantastic four.

There are problems, of course. The two-hours-plus can be tiring even for aficionados and, okay, how long can you stand all that talk those girls indulge in about men and fashion? It doesn’t really matter. The main achievement of SATC, the movie, is to mirror the best parts of the series – a certain kind of romanticism that touches the heart without concessions to bad taste and cheap sentimentalism. They go to Mexico, they get married and split, they enter dark places and drink – how démodé!–Cosmos. And they fall in love, again and again, with New York City.

Below is a series of roundtable interviews that I got to do in NYC with the three ladies (here’s the interview with Sarah Jessica Parker). Collider had a lucky table with a huge window over Central Park. Oh, and yes, I realized during the interviews that I really missed them! Too much information? Well, go watch the movie and you’ll get what I’m talking about. SATC opens this Friday all over the country. And if you want to watch some movie clips from Sex and the City, click here.

Kristin Davis

Question: You look fabulous!Do you feel that you sense in fashion changed after the show?

Kristin Davis: I’m with this Prada suit today. Thank you! Oh, I was the scary little girl. Pat would tell me: wear this, wear that! And I would be (makes a crying voice) “ no, I can’t”. She is pretty bold as we know. And I was not a designer kind of person. Back then they really didn’t cut for women with curves! Everything was super straight and I was like ‘I can’t wear any of this stuff!’. But that’s what great about Pat, she doesn’t try to make everybody look the same. She said ‘you have curves and we are going show them all”! Think about Charlotte as a sexy secretary! (laugh).

Q: Which the characters do you relate the most?

Kristin Davis: I always said Charlotte, for obvious reasons, but now I’ve changed. I feel much more like Carrie. She is still searching and figuring out certain things and trying to find out about…I don’t know, she is a writer, so she is always analyzing, figuring out her whole place in the world…

Q: You’ve said recently that now that you are in your 40’s you are more comfortably with yourself. What would you say to the people in their 20’s who are fans of the show?

Kristin Davis: Huuum…First of all I feel that for both women and men in their 20’s is a strange time. We have this insane media circus happening all time and it was not like that before. I don’t remember people following Meryl and De Niro all around. I worry about the young people being influenced about it. I feel it’s got to a level where it is toxic. It is out of control. I hope they can feel that they can be themselves and who they want to be and feel good about it. But I am not sure if they feel that way. And not trying to emulate anyone is what I feel our show wants to say. But I am not sure if this is lost n the designer labels. In the beginning of the movie we try to discuss this, when we talk about labels and love. I hope that the sisterhood and the love part is lauder then the shoe labels.

Q: Do you feel the movie, in any way, defends the idea that commitment is the way to go for our ex-single heroines?

Kristin Davis: Well, it is a natural progression for them. They are getting older. The’ve all found this people and the question is…what happens next? And it is like real life! And each character has a different ending. What we trying to say is not that everybody needs to be coupled up. What we are trying to say is learn who you are and what you want. And whatever it is that is ok.

Q: Can you relate to Charlotte’s obsession with having kids?

Kristin Davis: Yes, of course! I mean…not really with the intensity and the whole plan, the husband, the kids. I don’t share that at all. As my girlfriends were having kids I loved it. But I’m so not sure if I’m going to do it by myself. It is such a big responsibility. You need to be prepared. And to be with a man that you believe you want to do it with him. I haven’t found this one yet (laughs). ‘Cause I do play Charlotte, the hopeful one. So, who knows?

Q: How do you feel about people talking all the time about you as Charlotte. Remember Melrose? When you were the evil one. Would like to go back there?

Kristin Davis: No way! I love Charlotte! I enjoyed Brooke but people yelled at me a lot when I played Brooke. At the store, at the market. It was a little hard. Once I had a cold and this lady was really angry. I had that awful face and voice and reacted like this (crying): ‘Please, I’m just an actress!” (laugh). Pleeeease! (laugh hard). No, I don’t need to play any troubled, evil ones. But, of course, if it is a good part…But you know what has happened? I’ve received all of this scripts with parts that are really dark, weird. I had this suspicious that they thought it would be cool to put the gun in Charlotte’s hand. You know what I mean? Just trying to shock everybody! I’d love to shoot a NY movie again, having this energy. I’m paying the lead now on this independent comedy. Let us se..

Kim Catrall

Q: Wow! You have amazing shoes!

Kim Catrall: They are Jimmy Choo’s.

Q: You’ve become a huge Jimmy Choo fan.

Kim Catrall: Yes. But not just Jimmy. I fool around! (laugh).

Q: Is there any part of the script that surprised you?

Kim Catrall: Yes. I was really touched with the scene where Samantha celebrates her 50 yo birthday. After all, she always lied about her age (laugh). And I had recently turned 50 as well. And this is so rare in the movies. And I loved that. But you know, at the end of the series I was really skeptical that Michael had left her in a monogamous relationship. I knew that was not gonna last thar much. I so knew it! (laugh). And to see her trying to be somebody else really wrenched my heart. Poor girl, she gave up her business, her friends. She moved to the West Coast for a maaaaan? And he is not even that cute! (laugh).

Q: Is there anyting that you feel went wrong with your Samantha in the movie?

Kim Catrall: What I felt was something different. I was so happy to be there that when I was on the phone and the other girls were filming I would caught myself thinking ‘Damn! How come I am not filming now?’ (laugh). ‘Cause it was so fun! And please it is not that I don’t like L.A., specially Malibu, but it was freezing there and I kind of felt that the magic of the movie is when the girls get together, that celebration, that’s my favorite part. That’s SATC. But I also liked a lot the way that Samantha ended, with lots of possibilities for another decades of fun.

Q: SATC fans have learned a lot with the series. Do you think there’s any message in the movie?

Kim Catrall: I think it is that friends is family. And you can’t pick your family, God knows (laugh), but you can pick your close friends. I remember Mary Tylor Moore, a show that I loved so much, and her family was her work. And that was when women was getting to the work market in largest numbers and now I think that we have touched to the moment where women are supporting each other, at each other. One of my favorites scenes is when Steve comes to talk with Miranda at the party and there’s this exchange between Cynthia and I when Samantha is not blocking Steve but she wants to make sure that Miranda is going to be o.k. That’s what real friends are about.

Q: There’s a lot of talk about the sex in SATC and people were afraid that it would be the PG-13 kind of TBS way. And it was not at all…

Kim Catrall: I was concerned about it because you know, your ass in the big screen is this big (laugh). And you know I knew that we’ve been taken care of but I wanted to be sure that the were going to cover my butt properly. (laugh).

Q: Have you ever watched the TBS episodes?

Kim Catrall: I don’t. I’ve hear that they are great and that people enjoy them, but I don’t think I’m them that much (laugh). It is weird. Where Samantha’s went? The language is not the same. It ruined the whole rhythm that Michael and Darren found for my character. It was like watching the poor cousin of the original.

Q: Were you ever worried about the places Samantha goes?

Kim Catrall: As Kim? Well, I knew I was in good hands. And Michael would always offer me to see in a DVD with him some scenes and would ask me: are you comfortable? ‘Cause if you are not, we’re going to shoot it again. You have to put yourself out of it. Michael is just so fantastic. I am sure he is already making notes for the next SATC movie. I hope he is at least! (laugh).

Cynthia Nixon

Q: Would you say that Miranda changed her fashion a lot during the show?

Cynthia Nixon: I think we were trying really hard to be realistic and show what a lawyer in her position would be wearing those days. Until Pat Field decided she couldn’t take no more! (laugh) She put me in suit for years ‘till she decided I should have more glamourous hair! (laugh).

Q: What happens with Miranda and Steve is heartbreaking. Did you see that coming at all?

Cynthia Nixon: Basically Miranda had herself pained in a corner. Her life was not working in any aspect. She was working too much, taking care of the family, her home, and failing in all of these things. And they couldn’t find a way out of it. So Steve blew the whole thing of. And when you blow the whole thing up like that it make you realize what it is really important. And if you really can be a happy mother and a happy wife. And a happy lawyer! (laugh). In a way, through his bad action, Steve is rescuing Miranda. He rescued her a number of times. He rescued her from her cynicism and her believes that man and women couldn’t work. And now he rescued her from the superwoman thing. It is time to learn how to prioritize and delegate.

Q: Miranda says that she changed who she was for him…

Cynthia Nixon: I think she did change it. But I think she didn’t change it enough. And she needed to change it more. She never thought she would end being married, a mother and living in fucking Brooklyn! (laugh). And he did all these things for Steve. But she has trouble powersharing and she does need to change more. It is a control thing.

Q: There is a lot of weddings in this movie and there was a lot of talk about your own wedding…

Cynthia Nixon: I know! And it is not true! (laugh). I actually need to say that we can’t get married. I think if we were allowed to we would do it. It would be nice to get married where we live. I spoke at an event and gave the speech where I told I would love to be able to get married with my girlfriend but not being able too. So maybe there’s where all of this started..

Q: Would you say that you relate with Miranda the most between the four girls?

Cynthia Nixon: Yes, for sure, although I think I have a large girl-a-go street that Carrie has that I really like about it…

Q: Do you have some favorites episodes?

Cynthia Nixon: I love the one that Miranda’s mother dies. All the girls have such great things to say in that episode. I really love the Hamptons one when Nathan Lane’s character gets married.

Q: I think Trixie, his wife, was originally a character in the movie…

Cynthia Nixon: Yes, she was! There is so much that has been cut from the movie.

Q: Where would you like to see Miranda going to now?

Cynthia Nixon: I would like to see her trying to calm down, making more time for herself, for her marriage and her kid and finding some way to reduce her work hours (laugh).

Q: A lot of women feel that the most unrealistic thing about SATC is the amount of time that these women spend together (laugh). Would you agree with them?

Cynthia Nixon: I think that it is true! They are very high-powered women, how come they are together all the time? Well, in the movie I guess we address this better. They spent less time together. There’s always something extraordinary to get them together – like a trip to Mexico or a wedding celebration.

Q: What about you girls, do you see each other often when not filming together?

Cynthia Nixon: Not really. But we e-mail each other all the time!

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