‘SNL’ Promo Has Kumail Nanjiani Ready to Host…If He Can Find the Studio

     October 11, 2017

snl-kumail-nanjianiSaturday Night Live has started doing its promos in a different way. It used to be a collection of brief standups where there would be a joke or two, but it would be something that could air as a quick 15-second spot and then they translated it online. Now they’ve realized that the online audience is where it’s at and are doing longer, more elaborate promos that almost function like comic shorts.

This week’s promo features host Kumail Nanjiani trying to find Studio 8H where SNL films all of its episodes. It’s really well shot, incredibly funny, and it makes me even more hopeful that Nanjiani will be able to knock it out of the park. To be fair, a large part of the show’s magic is out of the host’s control since writers are furiously trying to come up with new sketches or rework previous sketches that didn’t make it to air (it’s a miracle this show happens). Nanjiani is an interesting host because even though he’s starting to become a bigger name who’s known for The Big Sick and Silicon Valley, it’s not like he’s got a property he can just easily tee up a sketch for like Gal Gadot did for Wonder Woman. But with Nanjiani’s great comic timing and delivery, I’m confident he can make his sketches work. At the very least, the opening monologue should be great (assuming that he uses it to do standup).

Check out the promo below. P!nk will be the musical guest this week. SNL airs at 11:30pm EST on NBC.