September 1, 2012


Kyra Sedgwick has arguably the most difficult role in this weekend’s very good exorcism/family melodrama The Possession.  As Stephanie, the caring mother of two, dealing with a divorce from her estranged husband (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), she has the unenviable task of playing the film’s ‘straight’ woman.  While everyone (including most importantly the audience) knows her youngest daughter has been possessed by an evil-demon-in-a-box, she remains completely ignorant – falsely believing little Em is just acting out or that, well, it’s her no-good father’s fault.  One can’t help but sigh in impatience.  When is this woman going to see that the only logical conclusion is her daughter’s been taken over by an ancient Jewish demon?  I mean – really?  But Sedgwick is such a talented actress that you can almost, almost forgive her silly rationality.

In the following interview with Kyra Sedgwick, she talks about her own ‘true’ horror story (a haunted house she and husband Kevin Bacon purchased), whether she will ever return to television and the upcoming Daniel Radcliffe starring Kill Your Darlings.  For the full interview, hit the jump.

Kyra Sedgwick:

  • 00:00 – Kyra Sedgwick on her own true horror story and haunted house
  • 01:30 – Does she believe in the validity of the ‘dibbuk box’?
  • 02:10 – On how the juxtaposition of horror and drama in The Possession brought her to the project
  • 02:45 – Will Kyra Sedgwick go back to television or does she want to pursue more films?
  • 03:05 – On her role in Kill Your Darlings – with Daniel Radcliffe about the Beat poets


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