‘La La Land’ Heading to IMAX Theaters on January 13th

     January 5, 2017


If you want to see the eventual Best Picture winner La La Land in IMAX, you’ll get your chance. Indeed, the Oscar frontrunner has landed a special engagement in select domestic IMAX theaters beginning January 13th, offering audiences the opportunity to witness filmmaker Damien Chazelle’s spellbinding musical on the big screen with massive sound. Additionally, those who attend the IMAX screenings during the first weekend will get a special double-sided mini poster.

La La Land is crafted in the style of the old Hollywood musicals, as Chazelle uses a lot of long takes that should be stunning to behold in the IMAX theater. The film stars Emma Stone as a struggling actress who “meets-cute” with Ryan Gosling’s aspiring jazz musician, and the two try to hold onto their hopes and dreams while navigating the crushing realities of life in Los Angeles.

The film has picked up a slew of prizes on the critics circuit and is on its way to a number of Oscar nominations—at the very least, Best Picture, Director, and Actress. But it will likely go much farther with nods for Best Original Song, Best Original Score, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, and even Best Actor for Gosling.

So if you wanna see one of the year’s biggest Oscar contenders in a format usually reserved for blockbuster cinema, now’s your chance.

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