‘Labyrinth’ Reboot Planned with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Co-Writer

     January 22, 2016


Everybody break out your favorite nope.gif because the universe saved the worst news of the week for last. Labyrinth, the iconic film from your childhood, is getting a reboot…or a sequel, or…something. It’s unclear if the plan is for a re-imagining or a sequel film, but THR reports that TriStar Pictures and The Jim Henson Co. have reached a deal to produce a new “iteration” of Labyrinth with Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman on board to write the script.

The original, released in 1986, starred Jennifer Connelly as a teenage girl who selfishly wishes for her baby brother to be taken away, only to find she has 13 hours to solve a giant other-worldly labyrinth before The Goblin King (David Bowie) grants her wish for real. Along the way she meets all kinds of quirky fantastical companions, rocks a flawless ball gown, and dance-magic-dances all over the place.


Image via Tri-Star Pictures

The reboot announcement is a move that feels tacky and all too soon. The news comes on the heels of David Bowie’s death, a loss that hit hard for the world at large. Generations of fans, who came to love the rock icon through his illustrious film and music career, including his unforgettable turn as Jareth in Labyrinth, are still grieving his untimely loss.

I’m not prone to reboot angst, but it’s also kind of an insane move because Labyrinth is such a bizarre movie, and it’s one that works as a sort of miraculous result of the chemistry between a troupe of brilliant minds. It was Jim Henson‘s final directorial effort, from a script by Monty Python’s Terry Fisher, and as The Goblin King, Bowie is at one of his glam god career highs; fearlessly flinging his bulge about in spandex, glitter, and a haircut only he could pull off. The film is, in a world, imitible, and announcing plans so soon after Bowie’s death will do nothing to generate good will.

That said, Perlman delivered a script for Guardians of the Galaxy that embraced weirdness and oddity. That’s exactly the kind of spirit and mind you want behind any kind of Labyrinth project, so hopefully this isn’t genuinely the worst idea ever. What do you guys think? Worst idea ever? Am I being too harsh? Could anyone actually fill Jareth’s Bowie-sized shoes? Sound off in the comments below.

UPDATE: Perlman took to twitter to deny the “reboot” label. So does that mean sequel? Spin-off? Lord only knows.


Image via Tri-Star Pictures


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