Exclusive: Lance Reddick on FRINGE and THE WIRE

     June 30, 2010

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While I’m extremely fortunate as I get to interview a lot of actors, that doesn’t mean I’m a huge fan of everyone I speak with.  Sometimes you talk to people because it’s your job.  But when I saw Lance Reddick walking down the red carpet at last week’s Saturn Awards, my reporter hat got put away and I spoke to him as a fanboy.  If you’ve ever seen his work on David Simon’s amazing show The Wire, I’m sure you feel like I do about his awesome work on the show.

Of course with Reddick currently on one of my favorite shows, Fringe, we spent most of the time talking about what happened last season and what’s coming up this season.  He also told me he’s coming to Comic-Con for the first time next month and how he has a music CD coming out soon.  Hit the jump to watch the interview and make sure to buy The Wire if you’ve never seen it as it’s one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen.

Lance Reddick

  • I ask if he would rather talk about The Wire or Fringe
  • Did he know Fringe would end with that kind of season finale
  • How much do they tell him before the season starts and does he try to find out what is coming
  • 1:00 – What does he do to prepare for his roles
  • 1:25 – He played a weapons dealer in Jonah Hex.  How did that come together
  • 1:55 – Comic-Con talk – says this is his first San Diego Comic-Con that he’ll be going to
  • 2:30 – What did he do on hiatus – talks about his CD that he has coming out
  • 3:00 – When does he go back to start filming season 3 of Fringe and what does he know
  • 3:30 – Do people come up to him all the time to talk about Fringe and The Wire
  • 4:10 – With David Simon working on Treme, when is he going to get on the show

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