Gold Circle Hires Lane Shadgett to Rewrite Neo-Western THE DUELIST

     June 7, 2011


Gold Circle Films picked up the Shawn Linden spec script The Duelist and contracted Lane Shadgett for the rewrite.  Variety describes the project as “a Neo-Western set in an underground world of quick-draw gunfights with classic themes of honor, blood, betrayal and redemption.”  The prefix is clear, but I’m stupid, and had to look up what “Neo-Western” means.  Apparently Rango qualifies, and Justified must fit the bill.  I am catching up on season two of the latter as we speak, and holy wow is it terrific.  So yes, please pitch me more Neo-Westerns.  (Dubious about that capitalization, but I trust Google predominance over instinct.)

Gold Circle’s Paul Brooks, Scott Niemeyer, and Guy Danella (The Haunting in Connecticut) will produce The Duelist with 1st Degree Pictures’ Todd Breau and Kari Hollend.

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