Exclusive LAST HIJACK Poster: A Somali Pirate’s Story Told Through Animation and Documentary Footage

     September 22, 2014


Tommy Pallotta and Femke Wolting’s Last Hijack is due to screen at the New York Film Festival on Sunday, September 28th and it’s bound to be a very unique piece of cinema.  The film focuses on a successful Somali pirate with family and friends who don’t approve of his dangerous gig.  Rather than tell his story using documentary footage alone, Pallotta and Wolting combine it with animated sequences and an online transmedia experience as well.

With the movie’s NYFF screening fast approaching, we got the opportunity to debut a simple yet striking exclusive new poster for the film.  Hit the jump to check out the Last Hijack poster and keep an eye out for the full feature, which is due to arrive in select theaters on October 3rd, will have an exclusive run on iTunes from October 7th to October 14th and then hit all other VOD platforms and additional theaters after.


Here’s the synopsis for Last Hijack:

Mohamed is your average middle-aged man trying to make ends meet in his homeland: the failed state of Somalia. One of the country’s most experienced pirates, he is faced with constant pressure—from his fiancée, family, and friends—to get out of his dangerous profession. Sensing the end of an era, Mohamed must decide if he should risk everything and do one last hijack. As he wrestles with these very real problems, a dramatic tale of survival unfolds. Last Hijack is both a feature-length film, combining documentary footage and animation, and an online transmedia experience, allowing viewers a unique and original way to explore the story of Somali piracy from different perspectives.

Last Hijack Poster

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