Limited Paper: Did You Win a LAST OF US Poster During Last Weekend’s Giveaway? Find Out Here!

     September 9, 2012


Just before last weekend, Limited Paper exclusively revealed the variant edition of Alexander Iaccarino’s The Last of Us poster, which could be picked up (in extremely limited numbers) by those attending this year’s Penny Arcade Expo.  A day or two later, we announced that the good folks at Sony and Naughty Dog—makers of The Last of Us, the Uncharted series, and all-around badass mammajammas—had given Limited Paper three copies of that poster to give away to a trio of lucky Limited Paper readers.

Winning one of those posters would be no more complicated than answering a single question (“What’s the first thing you’d do after the apocalypse hits?”) via email.  Picking a winner, however, turned out to be a far more complicated affair.  Find out who won (and who almost won) that trio of extremely-rare Last of Us posters after the jump, folks.

The-Last-Of-UsWhen Naughty Dog/Sony initially contacted us about offering up several of Alex Iaccarino’s The Last of Us posters last week, we jumped at the opportunity.  I mean, obviously:  Limited Paper may primarily be concerned with keeping you informed about soon-to-be-dropped posters (or, on the days when we simply couldn’t get the information regurgitated in time, posters that have already dropped), but we’re also committed—heroically committed, one might say—to handing out cool, free shit as often as we can.  It’s precisely what Sebastian Von Limitedpaper III had in mind when he founded Limited Paper all the way back in 1921, and it’s something we’re deeply passionate about to this day.

How to decide the winners, though…that was the only question.  The week before, we’d held an elaborate contest that tasked anyone who entered with creating their own artwork, and we’d been a bit disappointed by the relatively low number of entries we received.  And so, for our latest giveaway, we decided to make things much easier.  To win one of Naughty Dog’s Last of Us posters (see below), all readers had to do was answer a single question via email:  “What’s the first thing you’d do following a worldwide apocalypse?”  Over 24 hours, the responses came flooding in.  Lesson learned:  our readership wants to score free shit on the internet, but only about 10% of it wants to put in any real work in order to win.  Duly noted, Limited Paper readership!

Before we get to the winners, let’s take another look at what it is they won…and what the specs are:

  • The Last of Us by Alexander Iaccarino
  • 20×30” giclee
  • Signed by Alexander Iaccarino
  • Also signed by the director and creative director on The Last of Us
  • Only 40 made, 15 handed out at PAX last weekend


Yes, only 40 copies of this poster were made by the good folks at Sony, and we’re proud that three of them are going to end up in the hands of Limited Paper readers (the rarity’s nice, of course, but it doesn’t hurt that the game itself looks like it’ll be one of 2013’s best).  Right now, the Naughty Dog crew’s signatures are being added to each, and once that’s done they’ll be shipped off to Limited Paper HQ for dissemination…which brings us to the winners.


I’ve just spent the last hour or so reading through all of your post-apocalypse plans, and after a whole lotta back-and-forth, I’ve finally picked the three people whose answers provided the greatest amount of amusement/entertainment.  But first, I’d like to offer up a few of the runner-up submissions.  Let’s start with this one, from Steve S.:

“In the event of a worldwide apocalypse, I would pack a lot of food, water and supplies into a car and drive west. I would stare straight ahead as I passed people pleading, begging, threatening for a ride, for food. They would be irrelevant to my mission. Purposefully, I would drive, stopping only to exchange goods and services for fuel. I would do things unthinkable, all for the sake of continuing on. It would be a horrible, dehumanizing journey, but I would be rewarded for my determination. I would arrive at one specific house. And I would get to work. I would search the house room by room. I would rip up floors, tear down Sheetrock, cut open cushions, empty boxes, until I found them. I would hold them, not believing this was real. And after reading the pages, I would exhale and walk away, fulfilled, untouchable by what evils would lurk in this dark new world. I would walk away from David Chase’s home, ready to face death, having read his notes, long hidden, on what really happens at the end of The Sopranos.”

The-Last-of-UsUntil Steve got to “And after reading the pages…”, I was convinced he was talking about pulling off a panty-raid at Betty White’s house (and I couldn’t believe someone else had the same post-apocalypse plans that I do!).  Next up, there’s this one from a gentleman by the name of John S.:

What would I do after a worldwide apocalypse? Well for being a former resident of the lovely city of LA, I would find me a 1968 V8 Ford Mustang GT390 Fastback. Just like the one Steve McQueen drove in Bullit and race it up and down the 405 freeway between LAX and the San Ferando valley at 4:00pm on a Friday afternoon and anyone who lives or has lived in LA knows that traffic on that strech of freeway is horrible. I also would drive over to Dodger Stadium and take a GIANT sh!t on home plate(sorry I really HATE the Dodgers).

No offense taken, John!  As a poster collector, I have no time or interest in organized sports.  I take it the “Dodgers” are some sort of basketball squad?  Do basketball fields have “plates”?  Maybe it’s soccer.  While I’m figuring that out, here’s a commercial for GoPro Cameras by Geralle E.:

  1. I would go to Costco and stock up on food, water, and GoPro cameras
  2. Hook up the GoPro cameras for the best documentary film ever
  3. Steal a bunch of oxygen tanks from the local convalescent center
  4. Drive to the local gun store and barter some of my supplies for a few guns and ammo (they’d shoot me if I tried to steal)
  5. Go the nearest airport and persuade 2 female airline pilots to help me hijack an airplane
  6. Then we’d fly off into the sunset while listening to the end credits song from Drive.

Speaking of Drive:  there were a ton of submissions from people who wanted to drive cars, steal cars, drive their car to go look at other cars, and so on.  But only Alice L. (a runner-up in our last giveaway/contest:  third time might be the charm, Alice!) wanted to engage in car-related shenanigans…in the nude:

If there was a worldwide apocalypse, I think I would go to the nearest ferrari dealer- take one of their cars and drive cross country naked as fast as possible.  Speed and exhibitionism! AND no more tan lines! :)  And I’d also raid a gun store and shoot randomly out the window for the hell of it.

I can’t decide if the best part about that is the nude driving…or the opening:  “If there was a worldwide apocalypse…”  If it’s not happening to the entire world, can it truly be considered an “apocalypse”?  There are no “centrally-located apocalypses”, I don’t think.  Unless…maybe that’s what the hell is wrong with Detroit.  Oh, well, let’s move on to the winners.


Because there is no third, second, and first place in this contest, so here they are in no particular order.  First one’s from Chris J.:

The first thing i would do following a worldwide apocalypse would be to go hunting for celebrity voice over professional, including Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, and even Christopher Walken, and have them narrate all of my actions, and argue with each other from time to time, that’s the only way i would be able to enjoy the now desolate wasteland of the world.

I don’t need to explain why this was one of the top three, do I?  No?  OK, good, let’s move on to this entry, from Michael B.:

“I have been hoarding food and ammunition for months.  When it happens, I will be ready. i will lure them all into cages and put those zombie filled cages on the back of a flatbed tractor trailer.  I will then establish the world’s first zombie themed amusement park.  People will pay exorbitant sums to blow a (once upon a time) human beings head off.  I was thinking maybe put some of them in a giant mouse wheel or something.”

Yes, the thought of zombies being run through their paces in a hamster wheel caused much merriment here at Limited Paper HQ.  Solid, sir, very solid.  And last, but not least, we’ve got this entry from Gary K.:

“I would steal a Ferrari, drive to Canada, and “hang out” with Justin Bieber’s family!”

Now, at first glance, you might be wondering why this answer ranked amongst the headliners.  It’s simple:  those quotation marks:  what do they mean?  Why does “hang out” have those little floating quotes above it?  Is this responder looking to enslave Justin Bieber’s family?  Are they really going to “hang out”?  Might they be put on their own “giant mouse wheel” and forced to run laps while “Baby, Baby, Baby” plays on repeat?  Those quotation marks are ominous, and for that…we’re giving this responder his or her very own Last of Us poster (Note: the awesome image below is not another Last of Us poster by Iaccarino, just some fan art from his website).


And that’s it, folks!  Another giveaway come and gone.  Congratulations to the winners, better luck next time to those who made the “Runner’s Up” list, and—for those of you who didn’t see your answers appear above at all—well, with this many entrants, we could only pick so many;  your answers were good, just not quite good enough.  Next time will be your time, we’re sure of it.  And in the meantime, you can look forward to more Limited Paper goodness in the near future:  Fantastic Fest is on the horizon, and with it will come a slew of new Mondo posters.  We’ve also got new releases from some of your other favorite galleries, companies, and artists to discuss…and of course we’ve got a few more giveaways/contests planned.  If you need to get in touch with Limited Paper directly, you can do so at, and if not, make sure you’re following us over on Twitter via @LimitedPaper:  once we hit 1,000 followers, we’ll do a giveaway built around that….and it’ll be for something really good, I promise.  Until next time folks (note:  “next time” will be very soon)!

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