Watch: ‘Last Week Tonight’ Battles to Save Net Neutrality…Again

     May 8, 2017


In its fifth episode, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver did a segment on the importance of Net Neutrality. For those who don’t know, Net Neutrality is the notion that Internet Service Providers must treat all traffic equally. The popularity of the segment helped boost the show’s profile, and it also inundated the FCC’s website with requests to protect Net Neutrality.

Unfortunately, since America saw fit to elect Donald Trump and his deregulation-happy allies, Net Neutrality is once again in danger. Current FCC head Ajit Pai, a former lawyer for Verizon, is either lying or ignorant when he says that Net Neutrality rules are unnecessary and that they throttle business. So once again, Last Week Tonight is coming to the rescue to explain not only why Net Neutrality is important, but also why Pai and his stupid, oversized coffee mug are painfully wrong.

Also, while the FCC has tried to make it harder to leave comments after Last Week Tonight viewers crashed the website the last time, the show has made it incredibly easy to leave a comment. Just go to, click on “+Express”, and fill out the form. You know you have time to do a lot of dumb stuff on the Internet, so take the 5 minutes to leave a comment about why you support Net Neutrality.

Check out the segment below.